“Wish you the same”

Living in a diverse country such as India where we celebrate various festivals, the common ones being Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, Diwali or Id-ul-Fitr etc – we go about greeting each other with best wishes, hugs and maybe even cheek kisses (or as people do the air-blow kisses now) When someone wishes us, we almost instantly […]

In ONE ear and out the OTHER

…but something’s gotta stick in between right? Not really  In the country I live in, we’re constantly bombarded with advice and information (it may not have to be even asked for) Somebody just needs to know or at best sense you’re having an issue – they’ll just pop in from anywhere and dole out some […]

The Really You! – 2

  The Really You!   A Rory (aguycalledbloke) initiative! Question Fun Directory What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you! Every week – just three questions – about you to tell us! What is the silliest thing […]

The Really You!

The Really You!   A Rory (aguycalledbloke) initiative!   Question Fun Directory What is or who is The Really You? No, really, as in really you? Who are you really? That’s basically what this game is about – who are you – who is – the really you! Every week – just three questions – […]

“That Time” of the Year

I wish I could help, but I don’t want to.. It is almost end of November and we’re entering into the last month of the year. It is around this time when I go back to my lists: ‘Facebook “friend” list’, phone contacts, relation status of extended family & friends and make the necessary deletions. I’ve been […]