The Question:

The most terrifying question a woman can ask a man is: 

“Notice anything different?”

Do not look at the obvious places. I repeat, DO NOT LOOK in the obvious places. She hasn’t done anything there 😝😂

For all you know, it might be the tiniest thing she has done and something we would never notice.

“Where do I look?” “What do I say?” 

…she’s looking towards you looking for an answer, time is running out and you start the guessing game – hoping you get one answer correct

“You got a haircut”      …… she hasn’t emo

“You did your nails”       ……..she’s pissed now. You’re not paying attention

“You bought a new skirt”     ……..she starts accusing you how an insensitive man you can be.

She knows you’ll never get it and finally says “I did my eyebrows, how could you not notice!?” 

Damn! I was so close! 😝


A Letter…Day 6

A new day, a new task. My task for today is to write a letter to someone… anyone.

Can’t remember when I actually wrote an actual letter to someone, it has been such a long time. With emails..and now WhatsApp along with other faster ways of sending messages to one another, letters have taken a backseat.

The letter below might not qualify to be a letter…letter types but I’ll try to do justice to let the emotion flow like I would otherwise do on a normal letter.

I’m gonna write a letter to one of my best friends…15 years and counting. 2 different states, speak different languages (English being the common one) love different things, and yet we always find things that bring us together – Love for Goa, Ice-cream, chouris pau, chops and conversation and the fact that I secretly like her too – and she knows that 😉 Women sense these things very quickly 😉



Dear Best Friend,

I love you so much. Probably the bravest sentence I’ve ever written to you, to start a letter with. We’ve practically known each other for half of our lives and though we talk to each other once in a while and communicate on WhatsApp, it’s never quite enough.  So yeah writing a letter to you here, one friend to another.

15 years it has been knowing you… that has been some length of time, how aren’t we married to each other by now? You must be thinking.. not again, another one of Savio’s cheesy letters. I’m going to try to keep it as normal as it can get-I promise. But wait! that wouldn’t be me, it wouldn’t be ‘my’ letter, now would it? My letters always have extra cheese toppings on it. 

Talking about toppings, ordered an extra large pizza for the family yesterday, I’d have kept you a piece but pizza needs to be finished at the earliest, considering Pune is 8 hours away, I couldn’t take that risk. When you’re down next we’ll have one pizza all for ourselves, the way you like it. Also, I have been reading Chetan Bhagat’s ‘One Indian Girl’, I know how much you hate the guy and his novels… will send you my personal copy for you to read, its only one Indian girl after all. 

I’m just sitting here and I’m like what to write next – WhatsApp has really screwed up my ability to write longer sentences and extend sentences to paragraphs. I’m gonna wrap this up now, apply gum on it and get it to the nearest post office to find its way over to you…and since you know, I always do my writing with music on, the current song playing on the computer is ‘Hold On’ by Ananya Birla… 

I’m no longer holding on to this letter though… will message you soon (considering we would have messaged a few hundred messages by the time this letter reaches you) lol.

Miss you,



I used to write little letters to my mum, dad, and sister when I was small. While I might have started writing very early in age, it was more of writing the way I talk, than actually writing a letter, which demands a different format (or at least that is what my teachers told me back in school) To me writing a letter was always about creating a connection between the one writing and the one reading… that is how I go about writing letters. Its all about the reader imagining me standing there in front of her and speaking directly.


My views… Day 4

Day 4 of the 10-day challenge.

Definitely a subject I would normally refrain talking/writing on.

“My views on Religion”

Image result for views on religion

Some topics in India are best not discussed – Religion being one of them. However, I have just two lines that sum it for me:

Being a good person does not depend on religion.
You treat me well, I treat you well.

What’s the color of the sky?

Image result for penguin pantiesSeems like a pretty straightforward question right? You look up at the sky and 9/10 times, the answer will always be BLUE. But what if I told you that the sky color could be black with white hearts? or red roses or sometimes even penguins? 

Yup, not asking directly but still wanting to know.

Image result for black panties with white hearts

…and it’s nowhere related to the sky!

Men and their fascination with women’s underwear is an age-old story. Blessed with a vivid imagination, the male species will always be interested in something they see different. While men stick to self-colored undergarments, women normally go the other way and are very creative when it comes to design, inside and out. 

We all know how men are intrigued by sight… imagine seeing a penguin or white hearts or still more attractive red roses “there” – and the best part is that women look cute in them. If there is anyone who can pull off white hearts or butterflies as a second layer of clothing, has got to have some style and a creative mind. Men would never do something like that. 

So what’s the color of the sky today?

If you’ve reached this point and still not understood what the post was all about… “What’s the color of the sky?” is slang for asking ‘what’s your color of undies today?’


Things I… Day 2

Well.. its Day 2 and its a new task.

Things I like and dislike about myself.

This one could be a really long list, there are a whole lot of things to mention here, but for a change instead of being my honest self and mention all of them, which would make me have to think a lot, I’ll try and narrow it down ‘the top 5’

Things I like… about myself


  1. My ‘according-to-the-situation’ attitude. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  2. Like the fact that I have an opinion about every damn thing.
  3. Longtime loyal friendships. I never let my friends go. That said, not everyone I talk nicely to is my friend.
  4. My writing skills
  5. ..that I don’t really depend on anyone. I work well within myself.
  6. … that I am HONEST.

Things I dislike… about myself No Dislike Disagree Vote

No Dislike Disagree VoteNo Dislike Disagree Vote

  1. The fact that I get too stuck sometimes in life and not very ready to make swift changes.
  2. I make a lot of mistakes
  3. …that I give way too many chances to people.
  4. I dislike the way that I sometimes can’t talk about my emotions and feelings – and keep them all locked up.
  5. I have a mean streak. Oh yes! that’s definitely a THING.

Well! That was easier than I thought… though there are a lot more I can think of…but then I’m not gonna mention all of ’em. I may be honest, certainly not stupid! 😝

Tomorrow – Task 3: A quote you try to live by. See ya tomorrow.

Five ways to… Day 1


I’m really putting myself out there… aren’t I? 

Well.. am doing a 10-day challenge, the first task of which it asks me to mention ‘five ways to win my heart’. So here goes… brace yourself for some honesty!

Now to begin, my heart is one of the easiest things to capture. That said, it’s been 36 years and counting.. and it still searches for that other elusive heart it can synchronize its heartbeat with.

Getting to the task at hand: 5 ways to win my heart… 

  1. Simplicity: Going the simple way. Eating a vada-pao by the roadside over gorging a pizza in pizza hut. Richness, a wallet of many big notes, showing off are things that don’t impress me – definitely is not my style. Spending quality time with someone over spending quality money with someone. A simple girl with simple values, living a simple normal life. I am absolutely bowled over a girl who makes no special effort to make herself noticed. I will notice her even otherwise. Unfortunately, I haven’t met those kinds of girls and for those, I have met, they are either committed or already married.
  2. Highly communicative [In English – yes pls!] & gets along with the family: That means Father+Mother+Sister (the rest do not matter) and loves to talk (not to the extents of verbal diarrhea). As we grow older, the sex and all the physical proximity might diminish, but communication will keep us going. I love talking myself, but I can tire after some time…at those times I can keep quiet and just listen (we all know women have lots to say..and they can go on..n on.. n on…)
  3. Travel: Traveling gets me on a high, therefore it is understood a person that loves to travel is someone I will get along best with. Some of the most romantic moments happen during journey’s or in hotels or basically in any place that’s not your home. There’s something very relaxing about doing naughty stuff outside of the comforts of your home.
  4. While it may be a small thing… but to me, it is kind of a big deal. 7 letters‘English’. Blue, green, red English is a big turn off… Someone who can speak good English is a big turn on (of course along with the other good stuff) I have this urge to correct grammar when spoken wrong…I can’t live my life with a person knowing that the next sentence she speaks is gonna have lots of grammatical mistakes… aaarrrggghhhh
  5. I know I’ve mentioned this before but… the 4 S’sSimple, Sweet, Sexy and Specsy. Specsy is the NEW SEXY.  There’s nothing much I can do if my girl happens to have great eyesight, but there is something called a zero number – that works too. It’s like dating two girls in one/or married to two girls in one.

So that’s Day 1 of my 10-day challenge.

Next one tomorrow – Things I like and dislike about myself. Till then ta-ta Image result for waving hand gif

‘I think I need to..’ to ‘I must go now..’

To pee or not to pee or to pee later?

That is The Question.

The everyday decision, every passenger needs to make before boarding the Margao bound bus from Panjim, after work. It generally takes anything between 65-75 minutes of traveling time to reach the other side of Goa – the question to ask here is – do you want to have a comfortable journey or a bladder-stressed one?

Now when people travel up and down different places, they are bound to make friends (not the kinda friends where you invite them for birthdays and all.. but the ones you don’t mind sharing chips in the bus with) we see each other practically every day. Some of them of whom you meet walking in and out of toilets before they catch their buses. We’re like

‘going to the toilet?’
‘yeah me too’

Sometimes its totally fine, to not have that un-necessary conversation, to only meet once again on your way out, this time, however, both of us are now smiling. [did I just insert way too many commas?]

Some days, you are in so much of a hurry that you miss that ‘important thing you do’ and that’s when “maybe” in between the journey, in the bus… you’re not quite sure what to do when your bladder is asking questions of you, and just about the same time, the side passenger decides to strike up a conversation with you… and you’re like trying to make small talk, but he’s not quite satisfied with your short answers and wants something more substantial. Bad time for communication brother! Like seriously!

That said, I am proud of my bladder holding capacities, it has never let me down. Besides men are supposed to have bigger bladders than their female counterparts – that could be one reason. It can hold up for long periods with no toilets around. Of course as a male in “free” India, we really do not need a toilet per se… an open field or a wall is just as convenient. If our ministers can water plants in the open, we can do too. Now for ladies, it can be a tricky situation, that is why you’ll find queues outside women’s toilets. 

The Next Day: I catch my bus after work, I’m already late, the queue is long, after waiting what seemed like forever, I get into the bus. Mid-way… uh oh!


Proud to be a woman? Are you?

So yesterday was International Women’s Day. An answer I’ve always wanted to knowzzzz.jpg was, Do women actually feel proud to be women? Do they feel special on a day dedicated especially to them? Or is just like any another day? What’s it to be a woman? I needed answers not because it gives me chance to create another blog post (that too…) but more so because there could be no better topic for men to talk about than ‘women’, well ‘sex’ too… but then I guess in many ways, both of them are related.

As early as 6.30 I started sending out messages to all the girls/women I knew, wishing them on ‘their day’ with the following message…

Happy International Women’s Day, it must be pretty amazing being a woman ryt?

You know how sometimes a simple question like that can spark more than a few lines of a response… some did while others had to be asked an extra question “What does it feel to be a woman?” I must say the replies did make me smile, considering I know so many different kinds of women. While some of them replied in a few words, others went more the paragraph way. Brace yourself to reading some of the answers I got.

The very first of course was a total shocker! I was like 

“I wish I could be a boy, it’s stupid, bullshit to be a woman” – Yes ma’am, I’d like to know more… over a cup of coffee 😝

Another friend of mine… real ballsy character, she has to say “One word.. in India – Oppressed. The very fact that we have a special day to remember us, is saying a lot about the state of women. Not only here. All over the world” – I would say I agree with her.

“I feel proud of being reproduced, feel strong even after being judged, feel happy that we work equally to guys” – signs of the changing woman attitude? Bodes well for the future!

“Being a woman…
Growing up there wasn’t any difference thanks to my upbringing yes except my night outs were thoroughly interviewed b4 getting approved
Dating was fun all d attention
After marriage reality starts to sink in.
Husbands lifestyle friends and family is now mine. And my real family friends take d back seat…
after childbirth (the greatest responsibility of all) husband. Lifestyle. Family take d back seat and the ones on backseat go further. Except for the immediate family… who come back in the front seat to help out.
womens-stagesThere is always a choice but sometimes being a woman it’s best to accept and enjoy the privileges of being a woman…
You’re the ‘go-to’ person for your children just by giving birth to them. Whereas the fathers have to make a real effort to be on par with the mothers. Just the sound of mom’s heartbeat or the breath or even hearing my voice wud pacify my crying babies… what a blessing. And being a woman the amount of physical and mental and emotional strength u have surprises u. – Talk of a woman’s journey, beautifully expressed! I appreciate the time my friend took to type this all out, considering we’re living in such a busy world.

It must be pretty amazing being a woman right? “Not always…! But we have our perks😄” 

“I wouldn’t know if it’s being a woman or being alive. I haven’t experienced being alive as the other gender. It’s amazing being alive though! I’m not for all the gender stereotypes. I think men and women both have their roles to play and both genders have to overcome hurdles. Women don’t do anything great to have a day to celebrate.

Traits should be celebrated instead. Determination day- Share a story or 2 of your friend showing applaudable determination. Wouldn’t that encourage people to get aligned rather than just celebrating women’s day?

There are so many women that feel great on this day just to be women. Such a false sense of satisfaction to nothing achieved. I don’t think these days are planned right at all.😋

  Something to think about I guess. Now that’s my kind of woman! Such strong thoughts. Pity that she’s married already 😝 

“Don’t know Sav.. never been anything else before” – She’s got a point there! 😝🤪😂🤣 What she said next just floored me “If I have to put it in one line I’d say to feel like a woman is to feel every adjective that’s ever written on every language across the world at any given point in time or maybe sometimes at a single point” – I really didn’t know what to say to that.. that is probably the best sentence I’ve read to date, easily!

“Wo+ men combination of the two makes a complete word ..the latter, of course, follows the former …n that’s what being a woman is, let the men literally follow you as an example!

klWoo +man is a complete another example when a man is wooed by you…he should be wooed by a what a rockstar you are in yourself, a spectacular example of simple yet with a great sense of style, enveloping the true virtues n values which in my terms mean fire in heart n sparkle in the eyes ,all set on your goals like the fisheye for lord Arjuna ,that is what the essence of a modern women is in this free country .. where are woes of man are much more than they woo a woman in terms of the personality she carries..a woman can fly but fly as long as she is flying equal to them ..the moment she rises higher, above n over ..the woes begin and the wooing ends there!

Being a women is empowering in itself..
a creator of life ,a nurturer, a boon balancing artist all her life in the ways she juggles with life…she is a true juggler ,we keeping everything safe even when its up in the air she knows she is gonna catch it right there…that’s the fire, that’s the assurance, that’s the confidence, a sense of security, a sense of freedom when things fly high ..yet the balance is the true essence of being a woman” – Well!! that was long but yes, excellent thoughts! I did tell her that I’ll need a day to let this message to sink in.. I still have a few hours left

For me being a woman makes me feel the power . I’ve got control of so many things in life. It makes me feel strong, beautiful and sexy. – You go, girl! That’s short & crisp!

I feel proud to be a woman because a few things come naturally to women as compared to men. Like the power to empathize, the giving nature and a relatively high emotional quotient. Not that men do not have it… but it comes to women more naturally. The biggest blessing of being a woman is able to give birth. This is so unique that no man would ever be able to do it. My advice to women is that do not get into gender fights. No gender is superior or inferior. If you feel women are strong then don’t crave for mercies from men. Secondly.. do not wait for a single day to celebrate womanhood. Celebrate every day. Be good, do good. Pamper urself. Love urself. Every single day!! – Nice. I liked the reference to the men made, well said. Another thing that women possess.. the right words – at the right time. Thank you for answering.

“…well I feel so proud being a woman … to be said its also pretty tough to be a woman”  something I guess, we guys could never even begin to understand.

That was a handful of responses I got to whom I sent out the question to.. thank you, girls/women, for your co-operation, it was wonderful to know your views.

We, men, will never understand what it means to be wooed, whistled or ogled at… and if we look at it at a more superficial level.. as Joey Tribianni puts it across in an episode of friends;

You know what blows my mind? Women can see breasts any time they want. You just look down and there they are. How you get any work done is beyond me. Beyond me too bro!

Mood swings to being the center of attraction, sexy-confident & vulnerable at the same time – wow! Facing pain with a smile on their face. We’d never know how they do it. I’m not sure if men really want to know too… guess we’re happy with the issues we have, that is if we can really call it issues.

As much as it took me a long time to compile this blog post, the longest one I’ve done till date I guess – but with women, things are bound to get extended. I enjoyed putting this together. It was fun. Hope you enjoy reading this, male, female irrespective.

So what did I learn from the little interactions I’ve had with all the above women…? I’m truly blessed to have so many friends who are girls, especially the one’s I’ve mentioned in this post. You women are simply super! …and also I’m happy being a guy, I’d do terrible as a girl – PERIOD!