Call yourself a ‘Foodie’?

If ‘Foodie’ was a word I couldn’t get myself to understanding.. the next word is even more baffling to understand ‘Foodgasm’ foodgasm Noun(plural foodgasms) (slang) A pleasurable sensation from eating food. Originfood +‎ -gasm foodie /ˈfuːdi/ noun INFORMAL ~ a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. Someone please kill me! ‘Foodgasm’ seriously? […]

A new ‘Title’

“Post – Holiday Depression” apparently a THING now – freshly brewed by Mirror Now (probably one of the worst news channels if not already declared THE WORST) Indian Media has been a joke for quite some time now.. and its not just me who would admit to it.  With lack of gossip happening around the country […]


Ever played a jigsaw puzzle game? How does it feel when you find two such pieces that go together.. the more you can join together – the more complete the picture gets. And on completion of the whole set, the level of satisfaction and happiness has no bounds.   That’s the same with life and […]

What do you for fun?

“What do you for fun”? she asked I thought.. and thought a little more.. and then I said.. “When I was young I…” and she repeated her question “Savio, what do you do for fun now?” I didn’t have an answer. I couldn’t remember anything fun I’ve done in a really reallly realllly long time […]