An Introduction!!

New to the world of Blogging; this is my first attempt to write a Blog, maybe an Introduction before I start. Many websites have different definitions to what a ‘blog’ means. Some define it as ‘a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts’ while others say ‘a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption’. These ofcourse are all dictionary meanings. When I approached a friend, who is well into blogging himself, he says its all ‘about expressing yourself’ I guess in many ways, it means one and the same thing. So be it personal thoughts, abstract ideas, or just a general topic related to the everyday life of a human being – You will read it all here! I may be a little slow to start with, but will assure you all of the best to come. Welcome one and all.
Here’s Savio officially signin’ in to ‘the extraaa mile’ ….. Cheers!!

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  1. Welcome aboard to blogosphere, as I would describe this planet online. And the description in your intro, is justifiable – it is not about a compulsion to key in some blabla on a regular basis, but giving rise to your emotions, thoughts and expressions on what you see around you. There may be the other posts too on family outings, trips, etc but the real essence as stated before …..’said & done.’

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