(part 2) ……..journey thru’ the konkan railway

In Mumbai, shopping, sight seeing, taking pics, travelling by Mumbai local trains, being in Mumbai is always an adventure……i was on holiday for 5 days. There is a lot to do in Mumbai….and time passes quickly….in all the rush, I did not have the time to visit my new train friends, the sweet aunty,the serious uncle and their pretty daughter Sophia-but I did call before I left Mumbai…….
the call goes as……
ring,ring…………….riiiii………..nnnnnnnnn…………gggggggggggg ………

A: Hello!

S: Hi, Is this Brenda?

A: Yes

S: Hi aunty, I am savio

A: Hi Savio,how are you? where are you? are u at kandivali? (it was around 11 in the morning, and she probably thought i called to ask for directions or so!)

S: No aunty, i am catching a train to goa today, (i had a call from office and had to leave a day early.t’was an excuse,but i did not have the heart to tell her I declined her offer to lunch)

A: awww, thats bad, i was looking forward to having u join us for lunch, do come next time u come to mumbai.

S: sure aunty will do that, give my regards to uncle, sophia and your son

A: sure, will do that. have a safe journey and put the phone down.
(as simple as it does seem, most stories would end there…. but this didn’t, I kept in touch through phone all the time, I even wrote letters……. all very general ones …… and whenever we spoke, she told me that she read out those letters to her students,and how happy it made her. I spoke to Sophia on phone (landline when i called home) a couple of times on insistence of her mother. It could have been a turning point as early as at the age of 25…but it didn’t! I realized the vibes weren’t there when we spoke …… and it gradually faded.
It was a year that passed by when i got a call from Brenda…..

A: Hi Savio

S: Hello, whose this?

A: Am i speaking to Savio paes? this is Brenda from Bombay

S: Hi aunty, so nice to hear from you after a long time. how are you? how is everybody?

A: all are fine thank you, Sophia has moved abroad and my husband is now retired, my son has just finished his school. you had mentioned to me last time you wanted to work in Mumbai? there’s a call centre very close to my place, would u like to join? I can put in a word for you

S: Thankyou so much aunty, im not thinking of a change so soon…. maybe a little later… but thanks for remembering me after this long!

A : not a problem at all, you are like my son! keep in touch bye

S: bye

I eventually changed my job a year later! but not to a call centre…………..

…… and all this time I wondered why do I always keep going back to Mumbai for holidays!? Was it something or someone that always kept calling me back?? I guess I know what it is now!!

Strangers they say are the friends you have not yet met …. Brenda, her husband and Sophia – A Perfect example!! We shall meet again soon, hopefully on another journey!!!

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  1. nothing much to say, but there are simply some lovely, thoughtful people out there in this fast-paced world as Mumbai. This brings to mind an incident with a Goan-origin taxi driver I met last year at Scrabble Nationals – how caring he was – and how much trouble he was willing to go for me – a real good samaritan. Will hare this on my blog, another time.

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