Adding a little fun at work,when better to do it-but @ office time!

It was the 8th of January, a bright warm sunny day in Goa. It was a normal day at work, it was also a MONDAY! was at the office bang 9.00a.m sharp!-, the office girl told us that we had a client to attend to going by the name of a certain Mr Bhagwat! A name surely putting us off even before we began our journey to meet him at his hotel ‘The Taj Exotica’ @ Benaulim…..I thought well…. as boring as his name sounds, he surely is one rich man to afford a holiday staying at one of the finest hotels in South Goa. All thought, said and done … we were there, myself along with my colleague Thomas and the office car, which had the name in bold at the rear side namely HOMES & ESTATES PROPERTY….(and we were on our best behavior ) Yes, we were working for….well the leading real estate company in Goa (my boss trained us to say that-I really never went to check the aunthenticity of that statement!! I took his word for it…..) after all every boss would say his company is the best ryt! Why argue?
10a.m @ the Taj Exotica, we park our vehicle at the parking area, walk up to the receptionist area and amongst all the girls behind the counter, I go to the prettiest and ask her “We are here to meet Mr Bhagwat” I noticed her name tag which read ‘Michelle Telles’ (I swear I might have met her elsewhere before or at least brushed shoulders with her-Goa is too small a place not to come across a pretty lass as her) well, i did’t go further and actually ask her…but waited for her reply’
I am waiting……as she dialed some numbers (probably to connect to his room), behind me I hear a pretty voice which asked;

“Hi, you must be Savio! Homes & Estates”? You are here to meet us!? I turned around … stood there a girl of like 21 (I thought,she could not possibly be Mrs Bhagwat! Pls God Pls)

I was like  ‘I am Savio, I am from Homes & Estates’ and extended my right hand for a very confident hand shake…. and you are?

I am Sarah! I am Mr Bhagwat’s daughter 🙂 Yesssssss!!…  I thought, wow! a slim yet very confident young girl of 21 (ok! i did know her age, but we can always guess), she had a beautiful smile, a smile that could make you melt (If i was ice-cream, i would be melting in her arms…..mmmmmm…. its a fact that i get turned on by genuine beauty!and once in a while i do give a compliment as well) back to Sarah;

Me: Hi Sarah, nice to meet you…and all this while making small talk (i was totally checking her out!!) She was clad in a 1 piece bikini with a wrap around her waist, wet hair….(wet hair, another big turn on!) she probably had just had a swim at the pool and came over to check at the reception if we were already there waiting….as the appointment was fixed for 10a.m. (Its a little difficult to be concentrating at the task at hand when there are so many factors that are telling you not too …. sarah herself!) i was still calm, though bursting with excitement from within….. something like the feeling of an advert i see on tv very often ‘mann hi mann mein ladoo phoot raha tha’…..well sarah needed to go back and tell her dad that we were there … and she left, as we seated and waited at the lounge area. In another like 10-15 minutes, Mr Bhagwat came out and walked towards us, introduced himself as Mr Bhagwat (a 45’ish aged man) excused himself for the delay, and invited us to join him and his daughter for breakfast as he had awoken late (people on holidays do that alot), we gently declined and told him we shall wait till they finish their breakfast and later move for the appointment. (I wouldn’t want to rush the daughter to just gulping down her coffee or eating half a toast and leaving it just to get going, shez a growing girl after all! I totally forgot it was Mr Bhagwat i had come to meet-the attention had obviously shifted, luckily my colleague Thomas was there just to keep a check that i do and say the right things)

It was 11.15 by the time they finished their breakfast, already running an hour and 15 minutes late-I thought ‘no problem’!
11.30 and they come to us

Mr Bhagwat: Shall we leave?

Me: Anytime when you are ready Sir; (I noticed Sarah, she wore nothing different to a few minutes later, just the 1 piece bikini replaced by a tank top and another colorful wrap around-she obviously loves that dress code- i would not argue, she did look good in it)

We were to show them a couple of properties amounting to above a crore obviously, we were looking at a certain standard here!! We got into the car, drove off and reached the first property-awesome house! beautiful view, and fantastically priced at 1.75CR (no flutters on asking the rate as he looked around and appreciated the beauty of the house), next house was even more expensive….well that was 2.5CR, sea view from the balconies and the master bedroom, ample of floor space, wooden tiling all in a self contained bungalow. 2 properties were up and it was already lunch time! Obviously they weren’t hungry, they just had their breakfast….my stomach of course was calling out for some food, the time read 1.30 in the afternoon. Probably realizing that it was lunch and we might be hungry,

Mr Bhagwat said “Savio, why don’t we call it for a day? We will meet tomorrow to see the other two properties. I replied I would not come to office tomorrow as I had taken an off.

Mr Bhagwat: Why are you not coming to office tomorrow?

Me: Its my birthday tomorrow and I would like to spend it with my family over the day.

Sarah interrupts ….. she pats my back from behind and says “spend it with us Savio, I’m sure it would be a birthday with a difference” “come to work tomorrow, you have been such nice company today, showing us around and talking on the way”
I smiled; could I have declined? If the father said it, i surely would have! but no! Sarah said it … i thought …. not once…not twice … ten times …. and I said “Okay, sure, we’ll all have lunch together, Mr Bhagwat, yourself, Thomas and me. Is that a deal?

Sarah: deal! done….we’ll see you tomorrow then, as we drove them back to the hotel. TIME: 3.00 in the afternoon.
I went back to the office…I told my colleague not to mention to the office girl anything of what happened in the journey… just stick to the official part. He did, hez such a great guy! The day ended, time to go home, told my folks all about it …. they could see it on my face …. it was excitement!! Its gonna be a birthday with a difference …. I went off to sleep with a smile 🙂

I got up early next morning, we as a family went for mass (we do that for everyone’s birthday). We came back, had breakfast….and suddenly it dawned on me…… Oh My God!! I am the one giving the treat!! where do we go? what do we do? how much money do i carry? and what if they say they wanna have lunch at the Taj!? (I would have to sell my pants to pay for the bill!!!) I was worried…big time!! I asked my dad…he said…maybe its the y who want to treat you, not you treat them!? but then i argued, why would they do that? I was the one who suggested the idea!! ummmm, well i asked dad for cash, just in case the cash i had fell short….. i had my ATM card, with at least 50k in that account….i thought i was safe! u never know tho…things could really blow out of proportions when you start ordering dishes (I couldn’t see myself washing the dishes like i remember watching in one hindi movie i had watched on television)

Reached the office, appointment was at 11 fixed! It was supposed to be official … well lets say ‘officially unofficial’ or ‘unofficially official’? Did not matter, I took my car this time, left the office car at the office and proceeded. Bang 11.00 we were there at the hotel…. just as i got out to see if they were ready….. Sarah came out of the hotel, running down the steps…. towards me…. with open arms in the loudest of her voices wishes me “HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAY SAVIO”  hugs me and gives me a kiss on the cheek…. not the cheek 2 cheek…. kiss to cheek … her kiss to my cheek! Her father was walking behind …. he shakes hands and wishes me  birthday greetings. I’m sure the way the office staff who saw the 10-15 second commotion outside must have thought I was the luckiest guy ever to have her, the hug suggested that!! and goan people love to think and imagine all permutations and combinations…………i wasn’t complaining….! and she walks to the car, noticing my colleague standing there quite shocked over the proceedings … says hi Thomas,nice to see you!! and he replies with the normal ‘hi’.

As we were deciding where to go for lunch, we all collectively decided ‘Martins Corner’ as they were through with eating everyday at the restaurant of the Taj. (I said to myself, ‘i can manage a Martins Corner bill even for 10 people … we were just 4… no big deal’) confidently I drove to Betalbatim  and Martins Corner.
We took a table, and as we shared our little conversations …. time ticked …. the conversation that  would like to share with you all …. it goes as;

Sarah: Well sav! can i call you that?

Me: yes, sure why not? I love it when my friends call me that.

Sarah: great, how young have you turned today? (now i did not want to answer that question….i was nowhere near her age)

Me: sweet 16 was what i came out with

Sarah: Savio, I am 21, so u will still be young for me then, and she smiles and i smile ( her dad listening to all the conversation is pretty cool, now that what u call a cool-dad if ever there was one)

Me: a little plus’s and minus’s here and there and we’ll meet somewhere!
Sarah: sav, you do have a great way of talking, i like the way you speak

Me: i say nothing special, im glad we enjoy each others company, tx for the compliment sarah

Sarah: (coming close to my ear) tell me something sav,the outfit i wore yesterday (tank top and wrap around) was it really bad?

Me: why do u ask, i don’t think so it was

Sarah: because when i got off the car, everyone kept staring at me

Me: Oh tat, don’t worry! its one of goans special traits .. see something new and everyone wants a glimpse!

Sarah: so i was okay then?

Me: sure you were, btw i love what you are wearing today (she was wearing a noodle strapped black dress, with perfume to add – she was ‘intoxicating’)

Sarah: thank you so much, its one of my favorite outfits. I wore it today coz its your birthday

Me: very thoughtful……
and as the conversation moved along, we seemed to enjoy each other company and so did her dad and my colleague. her dad was much cooler that what he looked, my colleague on the hand had strict instructions from me…. talk less, and listen more … well, he was getting free training on ‘how to talk to a girl’ that too in a live situation…what better!?
Lunch was being served…. lunch was the usual for me and Thomas….it was special for my clients (or can i call them friends?or is it too early for that?) crabs was their order along with a few goan specialties. Sarah and her dad enjoyed their crab while we gave them company with the chicken specials on the menu…just then I receive a call from office

Office: Savio, where are you? not coming back to the office?

Me: having lunch with the clients….

Office: lunch? (just then Sarah pulls the phone of my hand and talks to the girl @ the office) hey Jessica, why don’t u join us for lunch? she declined, as we continued enjoying ourselves!
just as we finished lunch Sarah signaled to the waiter to bring in my favorite cake – Black Forest Cake and having the band play ‘happy birthday’ I cut the cake to which i served Sarah the first piece.
(i wondered how she knew about the cake, apparently she overheard a phone call to one of my friends where i mentioned the same)
As we finished lunch, i walked over to the counter to make the payment, I was surprised to know that the bill had already been paid!! Now that was another surprise, on inquiring they said in unison “It is our gift to you” …………..
Thank you so much Mr Bhagwat, u’ll have indeed made this birthday truly memorable.
It was turning out to be an awesome day, a birthday with a difference for sure as Sarah had promised! It was by 4.00 that we headed back to the office, and later to the hotel.
She got off the car, gave me a hug and said ‘Thanx for the wonderful company, happy birthday again’.
they left  for the states the next day, along with that a memory that will live forever
Finally….did the deal take place? which one?
obviously the 2.5CR…but with properties in Goa .. its another story!!

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  1. O Sav, wad could I possibly say – thoroughly enjoyed the experience of urs. they say a picture says a thousand words but I beg to differ coz for my types, a well-writ n emotive piece is much, much more in words. Perhaps, its five years down the line, and that u are 21 now, you might well try n locate her n u know the rest 🙂 But, what about poor Mich *tch* *tch*

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