love just happens

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as she lay on the bed totally exhausted……………

she was comparatively new to ‘it’ and he never had enough of ‘it’…………………time, reason and location mattered little……. they always needed each other, wanted the same things, enjoyed whatever they did, celebrated each other success, in short sid (siddharth) and rosh (roshini) were meant for each other…..from the first time they met………they instantly hit it off as a pair………………exactly 359 days before this present day……..

4th July 2010, 10.30am

Making Headlines Publications Pvt Ltd

Lounge Area:

Candidates sitting awaiting their turn for an Interview, among those Siddharth, a young lad of 24 ambitious, smart, friendly and enthusiastic, Roshini 23, simple, charming and a truckload of confidence and the others who all looked in their mid 30’s ……..they were the youngest of the lot!

Roshni Chaturvedi………called out the receptionist. You are next! ~

Roshini got up to walk towards the interview hall, there was something about her – when she walked it seemed she owned the company, she definitely had a good chance of making it to the next round.

Siddharth, as friendly as his nature was, wished everyone as their names were called out … he wished Roshni as well “All the Best for the interview”, she replied with a thank you and proceeded. Her Interview took around 25 minutes, the usual being 15 minutes maximum per candidate. She finally came out and had a big smile on her face, she went back to her seat; Siddharth asked her “how did it go?”

Roshini: It went great; I am selected for round 2

Siddharth: wow, great congrats! We all knew u would make it.

Roshini: really? What about you? Your name isn’t called out as yet?

Siddharth: not yet, but im cool… I guess they saved me as the best for the last

Roshini: hmmm, great…. trust it goes well with you too…. you know I always wanted to be someone real biggggggg, and this is my real big chance

Siddharth: sure, you do know there are other positions open too right? Human Resource, you then also have Head of Recruitment, Sr. Training Executive, Administration etc.

Roshini: yeah, I am aware but it’s nothing like heading the pack-right at the top!

Siddharth: Me too… looks like I have competition then…. Roshini right?

Roshini: yup that’s me, you can call me rosh, my friends call me that

Siddharth: I am Sid by the way, and it’s a pleasure to meet you (they shake hands)

siddharth for the actual name, sid sounds cooler!

Roshini: much cooler… too! i like the shorter versions….Roshni Chaturvedi is good for the certificates and records.

(and as they continue talking……….)

Siddharth Mehra…………. calls out the receptionist….NEXT (the last candidate)

Siddharth: I never thought my name would ever be called out, well looks like they did save the best for the last

Roshini: surely looks that way,! Go well sid, my best wishes are with you 🙂

Siddharth: thanks

(Siddharth’s interview took around the same time that Roshini’s did, and when he was finally done)

Roshini: You made it, didn’t you?

Siddharth: yeah! I sure did…… (sid hugs rosh very spontaneously…..a little awkward moment there …. but rosh smiles and they sit for the next round along with 8 other candidates)

[An announcement is made: Round 2 shall be conducted after Lunch at 2pm)

Rosh: its 11.30 now, we still have 2 and a half hours left, what should we do?

Sid: how about we have some snacks; there is a nice cafe down the road

Rosh: ok, u mean the one with the funny name ‘single turn double’?

Sid: same one, pretty funny name tho’…. i wonder what prompted the name!?

Rosh: my friends normally visit there, they say it’s got a different atmosphere to the place; they call it S.T.D for short

Sid: true, it’s a great cafe…all the youngsters are found hanging out there….

Rosh: what are we waiting for then…let’s go!

(as they walk down the road….2 minutes away from ‘single turn double’, rosh sees her friend across the road….she shouts out RESHMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, reshma looks back, and crosses the street)

Reshma: hey rabbit what are u doing here?

Rosh: resh, not here ya-no rabbit here!!….just going down to s.t.d’s…..

Resh: alone?

Rosh: no am going with a friend. (Looking at sid) sid, this is reshma, we studied at school together

Resh: hey sid…nice to meet ya

Resh 2 Rosh: boyfriend???

Rosh: no no…..nooooooo, hez a friend, we just met an hour ago…..

Resh: and you are goin with him to std’s…cool…….

Rosh: yaaaaa, like whats so special in that?

Resh: rabbit babes!, it is The Place to go for single girls like you, why do you think they named the place ‘single turn double’? And btw sid is hottttt babes … go 4 it!! (she whispers in her ear)

I gotta run rabbit….will catch u later, rohan is waiting for me. muaaaaaaaaahhhh, enjoy urself …. Bye sid…..

Sid: rabbit huh? rosh rabbit? Now i wonder what is the connection…. hhmmm…. u do look really cute tho, i’ve never seen a rabbit before! 😉

Rosh: go and see one when u get home …… 🙂 my friends in school called me that, they think I have cute cheeks like a rabbit 🙂

Sid: lemme see lemme see…. awwww rosh you have adorable cheeks …… 🙂

Rosh: can we go in sid? Im feeling hungry….and ur paying the bill!! its bad manners if the girl has to pay when the boy is around ….. 🙂

Sid: chill rabbit 🙂 🙂

Rosh: don’t call me that……. (they open the door to s.t.d’s and go in)

Sid: wow, looks at this place….amazing….the decor, the lighting….they’ve got nice tinted glasses, curtains…. and the a/c….

Rosh: its chill in here sid, im feeling cold 🙁

Sid: here, wear my coat…u’ll feel a little warmer (and he takes off his coat and puts it around reshma-look around for a place to sit, and find a table for two at one corner of the cafe)

Rosh: haven’t u been here before sid? I thot a guy like you would have been here …. ur some company to be around with………

Sid: thanx rosh, i get that compliment a lot, and no, i have never come here- its my first time ….and im glad it’s with you

Rosh: why glad?

Sid: can you forget i just said that?

Rosh: no sid, why did u say glad?

Sid: well ur really nice 🙂 and you make good company and ur friendly…. and u have cute rabbit cheeks…and……

Rosh: ok,ok …. Stop….stop….. ur a nice guy too. Did you know what my friend reshma was telling me? she was like…..this place is meant for single people like me………….eee …….. errrrr … i mean ……

Sid: are you single? ur kidding me!? a charming girl like you hasn’t fallen in love??

Rosh: well not really, i’m seeing people

Sid: really? where? I can’t see much of a line behind you :p (looking behind her and smiles)

Rosh: Okay…okay….im waiting for the right guy….

Sid: and what if the right guy is the one sitting opposite you right at this very moment???

Rosh: u know what sid…. u really do not waste much time …… you are reaaaaal (interupted by the waiter-who happens to be a girl)

Excuse me Sir, Ma’am would you like to place an order? (Sid looks at the menu, asks resh what she’d like to have….and turns to the waiter-we’ll have two cups of coffeeeeeeedip ….ika… Dipika!? ….

dipika chowdary, 5th grade? gandhiji specs? 2 ponytails?

Dipika: Siddharth Mehra??? 6th Grade, bully of the school….mr long legs……

Sid: O’ My God, Dipika …… after so long….?? So nice to see you….. u work here? ….. u look goooooooooo!! ddd (he realises reshma is sitting there) btw this is Roshni…….

Dipika: Hi Roshni, how are you? When did u guys get married?? (looking at sid and then at Roshni)

Roshni: we are not married…… 🙂 🙂

Dipika: going to get married then… i understand…nowadays the formalities are a lot even to get married! it was easier for me to find my hubby, than to go thru formalities of marriage ……

Roshni: no.. no…. what i mean is …..we are friends

Sid: yeah friends…..

Dipika … Oh! I’m so sorry… I did not realise…. you guys look so perfect together…. really cannot tell the difference….

Sid: It’s the atmosphere i guess….. ! 😉

Roshni: can we have the order please?

Dipika: sure ma’am, will get that for you.

Roshni: so dipika huh!? u know a lot of girls

Sid: just a few, school friends…. she had a huge crush on me back in the school days and she would follow me everywhere during the breaks…. chipkooo 😉

Roshni: tats so mean ya, u called her that?

Sid: thats a long time back,she must have forgotten all about that now….and shez happily married too …..

(the order came, 2 cups of coffee with mushroom pizza with the extra cheese topping…one of resh’s favourite,she mentioned b4 and cheese sandwich for sid)

Roshni wasted no time feeding upon her mushroom pizza 🙂 she ate it with so much relish that sid fell like eating it directly from her mouth, while sid was content on watching rosh and sipping his coffee..he kept on looking at her….she had beautiful eyes, her lips were perfect, and how he wished he could kiss her 🙂 (When a guy starts thinking the way Sid was….u know the guy is definitely falling Hook-line-and-sinker for the girl…… Sid was in love. At the same time as resh was eating and enjoying her pizza, she was fully aware sid was looking at her……she found a strange attraction towards him and wished he had said something….and he did, well gestured!….as soon as she almost finished her pizza,she had a little bit of pizza left at the side of her mouth….Sid got up and wiped it gently off reshma’s lips ….. rolling his finger slowly over her lips.

Roshni: (stunned, not able to say much) thanx….u hav’nt had your sandwich as yet

Sid smiled 🙂

Roshni: you have been distracted…. haven’t u? Thinking about dipika?

Sid: dipika who? (resh was the one he was lost in … her thoughts!) Oh no-not at all!! Just thinking about the next round……

Roshni: sid, it’s almost time ya…1.30, lets go …. (They walked out together)

(how could anyone ever see them as just friends? they seemed so perrrrrrrffffffectttttt together…they really did!)

Making Headlines Publications Pvt Ltd 1.55pm

Lounge Area:

The other 8 candidates were already seated, Roshini and Siddharth joined them. A bald man around 50’ish came and instructed them that this round would be conducted in groups of two along with the interview panel as the Group discussion round, as this would decide which candidates got placed in which department in the company. (The company policy being that since the top management was almost at their end-of-tenure, they would be replaced by the young aspirants along with the guidance of the moving-out staff for 2 months, to show them around the work and how it is to be done. Since Roshini & Siddharth topped the first rounds, they were grouped together while the rest were grouped according to their first round ratings)

-Roshini pressed Siddharth’s hands on the sofa when they were told that they would be grouped together-they knew they would do greatas a team.

Roshini: Sid, we can do it, we will do it together 🙂 🙂

Sid: I am with you rosh, we will absolutely crack this round and find ourselves at the top (as he put his other hand ontop of reshma’s hand to re-assure her)

(Groups were called in one after the other, rosh and sid were no.2. It was told that the results would be declared the next morning)

THE DAY FINALLY CAME TO AN END. Roshini and Siddharth, gave a hug to each other, exchanged phone numbers and parted to their destinations only to come back to know their fate the next morning. Roshini was very confident about her & Sid’s chances at the top most position….she slept with a smile while on the other side Sid was nervous and hoped that he did not let rosh down, he loved her too much to see her dissapointed.

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  1. nice, loved your story :):)

  2. There is this adage with our ilk. A writer’s first fiction story is not all creative. It is rather fictionalized – tells their own story, or at least to an extent. And I have seen a // here knowing you like over a decade-and-a-half now :0

  3. basil dude, care to say it in the common man’s language….. wud be appreciated!! I am not too high on big words 🙂 tx

  4. Now I am confused.. what happened ( besides the obvious!) Who got the job? Or is the job secondary????? More explanations required!!! how about part 2?

  5. part 2 was not planned 4 initially…as an after thought…i may give it a 2nd part…

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