Savio … to being Savio Sir

Monday Morning-9.15 a.m Class 3A

I enter the class to 43 adorable children, it is the first period of the day. No sooner I enter the class, I’ll have all my cute little darling girlfriends surrounding me for a simple reason,they all want an early morning hug from their sir who obviously luvs giving lots of them. A teacher is not supposed to have any favorites, all my cute girlfriends are so adorable that its difficult to chose which one is better….. the names that come to mind as I type are Merin Joshy, Aneeta Jose, Anna Mol Benny, Alphons Maria…these are my four girlfriends who come running from their seat and who by now expect an arm around them as soon as I enter their class….and you’ve gotta have a look…. put my arm around one girl, and the other one will pull that girl and take her place….they all want to be their teacher’s favorite pet 🙂 Today was one of my cute girlfriends birthday; Merin…. I went to their class and wished Merin, put my arm around her and gave her a kiss on her cheek …. all the other students were like “aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Sir, gave Merin a kiss”,in Goa its something very normal…in Kerala its more like a luxury! These children are like 7 and 8 years old, and with girls I guess they are born with what I would call ‘a female trait’ of being possessive….they want something or someone all to themselves, and cannot see anyone gunning for the same person or thing. Last week, one of my students (Aneeta) came to the staff room, and caught my hand and took me to her class …. all along I asked her “what happened my dear? where are you taking me” … but no…. she would just keep walking, and finally went to her class….Sir sit… I wanted to see you 🙂 when im having my lunch. ……and with that the others will come around …. ‘hi sir’, ‘had lunch sir’, ‘sir my papa bought a barbie doll for me today’ …. it at times could be very stressful being around children. Parents complain about their children at home…..we handle 40 and 50 in one class…..I have fun with them 🙂 I love them very much….and since the principal loves the idea….he wasn’t complaining, the more I interacted with them the more exposure they get to English ….. he looks on and smiles 🙂

Last week it was the P.T.A meeting of the 3rd standard’s…. as usual I was with my students of the 3rd standard playing with them during their lunch break, little did I know from the window overlooking was the principal along with the children’s parents……the parents were smiling, and could not believe what was happening …. was a teacher actually playing with their children…and they were enjoying being around him? One student told me …. Sir… Father Philip (The Principal), looking back… I was surprised …. Father said, the parents would like to meet you ….. when I came out of class, the parents had lots to say ‘my daughter always talks about Savio Sir, I had to see who he was’ and another parent said ‘savio sir said this, and savio sir said that….all day she talks about no other teacher, she says savio sir said to speak English, I have to now talk to her in English 🙂 The principal was ecstatic hearing that ….. that he gave us a period off every day that we spend time with the children during their lunch break and we could have our lunch after they did.

I am all over the school during their lunch break, running up and down stairs trying to share my time with everyone around…. and if I cannot make it on some days to individual classes, they would come down to the corridors where I am…and we all have lots to talk….. Once during lunch time I remember I had my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th standard girl students all around me, I clearly don’t remember what we spoke about, but we all had fun. Girls feels good when they are made to feel special, and that’s exactly what I make them feel….and probably that is why I am an instant hit! So be it Alphy from the 7th, Merin from the 3rd, Karishma from the 5th, Rajashree from the 9th … 8 years to 16 years…..everyone needs quality time with Savio Sir 🙂 and im just lovin’ it!!!!!!!

Not leaving my handsome boys too far behind…..they are all my favorites too, chose one between the two and you know which side i’d be heading 🙂 🙂

The table & chair allocated to me in the staff room is basically to keep my bag on it ….. I prefer being with my students 🙂 7 hours everyday …..sometimes I sit to think….. damn!damn!! why did it take me this long to realize that a teaching profession was my calling……. !!!!??

In Goa I am just Savio ….. but its wonderful being called Savio Sir 🙂 makes me smile 🙂

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  1. From now on you are Savio Sir to me too 😛

  2. Really loved the post!! It is rare to find teachers like you. I am glad that you enjoy your work. Kids can be very difficult . I am sure all these children will remember you and you will get cards all through your life with ” To Sir with Love” written on them. Teachers build our love for certain subjects or put us off the same ones. My love for Englihs was instilled in me by my teachers who also helped me nurture the talents I had. One of them is on Face book and I think she is the one with the maximum number of friends- her girls across the twenty odd years of teaching in the same school.

  3. 🙂 meera, tx so much… teaching is a wonderful experience, and I am enjoying it to bits!

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