Is your life on ‘tracks’??

(This article was written/typed out during the tenure of Mr. Laloo as Railways Minister-Hence the mention of his name)

Being a regular traveler on the konkan route – Mumbai to be precise! My hats go off to Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav for making the railways every – well almost every Indian’s first choice of travel. Travelling on the Indian railway has its own advantages, India being a diverse nation we get the opportunity to meet different kinds of people-and where better place to socialize than on journey with the Indian Railways!! Confused?? Don’t be-some would say A Train??? I have witnessed some of the most romantic love stories start right here, trust me on this one. I hope to have some such luck in the near future-female train goers, this article is just for YOU-of course all this on a lighter note. I wonder if Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav found his lady luv on one such train journey!

The other good thing of course is as I was saying a few lines before; DIVERSITY – was sitting next to this real boring guy (initially thought), on my way to Mumbai only to later discover that it turned out to be the best conversation I’ve had, we spoke on various topics, be it from chix to beers to parties or the cute foreigner hanging out on benaulim beach-we spoke it all. Indian railway indeed helps in stitching great friendships together… for it is said “strangers are friends you have never met before” – on the other hand ‘Love’, one of my best school buds would agree, he found his true luv aboard ‘GOA to MUMBAI’ – Konkan Kanya Express-now going strong, I am witness to that.

Another noticeable thing which would never miss the eye of the frequent traveler are the Indian Railways pantry guys with their ‘chaiaa’ & ‘coffeee’ (not sure if that’s the way its spelt) serving every 4-5 minutes. I recollect of having a record of 20 cups of coffee on one single journey (anyone beat that?). Our Railways has indeed made India a smaller place on cutting distances, so also bringing people together, of course on a more serious note we have seen better facilities on the Indian railways such as mobile charging facilities, tastier pantry food, accommodation of the extra berth and importantly better service all around-not forgetting the odd-handsome ticket collector (a.k.a T.C) who in exchange for looking at your ticket flashes his 100 watts smile to the female passengers.

We wish Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav all the best and we hope he would continue giving us good service at economical train fares. The next time you travel by train 2 any part of India, remember 3 important things: RESPECT, SAFETY and DUTY-respect your fellow passengers, be safe, travel safe with your train buddies and thirdly perform the duty of every Indian citizen ‘treat all Indian as my brothers & sisters’-unless you see a hot chic’ right across the compartment, go up to her and say ‘hey! How you doin’ – Joey Tribiani’s style.

Indian Railways boasts of one of the best – if not ‘the best’ networks in the world, we are proud to have Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav as our Railway Minister, I don’t think anyone would fit the bill better!! Think Laloo, think Railways!!

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