Live Life the ‘right’ way

Often hear the thoughts pop up in your head like ‘why me?’, ‘it’s tuff, couldn’t things get any simple’? or maybe ‘ life is so cruel’ … sometime in life or the other all of us ask these questions of ourselves…its but normal, after all we are all humans at the end of the day. The factors could be numerous, be it society/peer pressure, frustrations of not having it your way, restrictions or just the eternal killer – ‘STRESS’ – whatever it may be, we got to tell ourselves it’s not the end of the world – is it? If we look at it the other way, it probably is a new beginning to start looking and doing things differently…And that is where we can make the ‘big difference’. The formula is simple-All we got to do is ‘do the right thing at the right moment in the right proportions and most importantly to the right person’. Like some of my friends would say “Yeah rt!! Its simpler said than done”.
Let’s go back to our younger days, when we were kids-wasn’t life then so simple?? All the fun on the beach on the weekends, playing with other children at the park, riding our bicycles on the street etc … well what has changed then from our younger days to now? Changing times? Situations? Status? Pressures? Work? Well we can say probably a little of all put together. Yes, Exactly! Life is running away and dragging us along with it – but hey STOP! WAIT! What is all the hurry about? Have we forgotten the way to life we are used to living…the life that says, don’t hold yourself back, enjoy every moment as you walk through life. The options are endless, dance your free time away, a music lover-learn a music instrument, for the quieter ones-take a long walk by the sidewalk, admire nature in its purest form, meet up with friends or just catch up a trip to the nearest hill station to beat off the heat!!
Life at any time, is never harsh-its just us that complicate our lives so much that the fun element is overshadowed by life problems, work pressures etc. The other day a colleague of mine at work popped up a question-he asked “Savio, what makes life beautiful?”-all I had for a reply was –the way you live life is what makes life beautiful, its all up to us to do the simpler things well, and the rest will fall into place. Once a while it helps in bringing out the kid inside us to the surface, that way at least we know alls not lost, and we could still have the fun times back again, and that is the way to live life to its fullest.
A few tips to living life the right way….. get up each morning, arms stretched out and say it’s a beautiful life…begin your day with the smile, smile to the world and say today is gonna be my day (restrict that smile though, else people might think otherwise) ….try and keep in touch with friends/family throughout the day-a simple sms would do great!! …. Say a good word to the next person you are with-like you have a beautiful smile (if she’s a girl) or something macho to a guy (gals pls help here!! Can’t think of anything! ) …. Help someone if you see him/her in trouble (especially a gal who needs a life, or a girl without an umbrella on a rainy day – admit these are old techniques, but it sounds so genuine!!
In today’s world where everything is available at a press of a button, or a click of a mouse make that extra effort and go that extra mile to make a personal visit to an close friend, write a letter to someone instead of sending her an email – personal touch makes the heart feel warmer. Thus all this contributing to making a life better to live in … be different!!
….. as I write type this post listening to ‘brown eyed girl’ on my mobile phone, I’ve just realized I need to go and find out exactly where I can locate my brown eyed girl … signing off…..

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  1. Yes. Life has changed a lot since the days we were growing up ( atleast since those days two decades ago when I was growing up). If I had been told in my twenties that I would be leading this extremely busy stressed life I would have not beleived it! There are times we need to unwind and look at the world around us. And yes let us help anyone around us who may need that extra minute of our time ( not just girls :-)). i saw last week a very old and drunk man who just fell down on the street hitting his head on the pavement before I could run to him. Surprisingly no one even bothered to stop by. Finally it was only a traffic policeman who I left him with! Sad….

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