Pleasure of being ‘GOAN’

I remember not so long ago, in Bangalore, as I walked down MG ROAD (my last attempt to find a good pair of shirt/pant for myself), on returning back to my place of stay, I heard someone say “Patrao, boro aha mure” – a familiar goan greeting (which in English means -‘boss, all is well?’), I was surprised, and wondered for a moment was I really in another state?? I turned around very curiously-and to which he continues to ask

“Goenkar rey??” (Goan??) – I smiled.

I was on familiar turf. He seemed to recognize me, as for me-I had no clue as to who he was-but like as it is said in Goa, no two goans are strangers to each other in whichever part of the world they might meet in. Apparently he was down at Bangalore to reach his sister for a course she took up in the state.

Is there something about us Goans, which make us stand out from the rest? Could it be our cool-attitude, happy-go-lucky nature, our talk or just the way we approach life? We goans are known to be a happy bunch of people, who know what fun is all about. No amount of sadness could fill our hearts; no amount of explosions/blasts could dampen our spirits; but a loss over a football match, could certainly mean a few hours of disappointment later to be dissolved over a few glasses of beer!! This is GOA… in a nutshell. We are like all the rest-just that little bit different with a special quality of being the ‘susegad’ type, which in most times works against us, but if used in the correct situation – it could work miracles. Don’t ask me the formula; I am not sharing this one with you guys 😉

I am an evening walker, I enjoy my evening walks (my friends would disagree-as they always see me driving around town), on one such evening stroll; I came across this real cute old-romantic couple over the sidewalk, holding hands, sipping on their straw to drink fresh coconut water. I was hungry & thirsty too, as I was gorging on my coconut malai, I thought I’d make small talk, as I greeted the couple ‘good evening uncle, aunty’, isn’t it a beautiful evening today?, it certainly was, with a cool chill of breeze blowing across the road, noise of the swaying coconut palms – it was a sight indeed. Uncle said, ‘yes son, that’s why I brought aunty for a walk today’. As we spoke on, I got to know that they were married for the past 50 years, and been living in goa ever since they tied ‘the knot’ together ;). They were filling me on the customs & traditions of Goa-of-the-yesteryears and the Goa of today – they say Goa hasn’t much as a state, it’s the people who have changed, and it is up to the youngsters (pointing towards me), who have to keep the spirits of GOA Alive. It was a pleasure talking to them, but as the sun was setting, it was nearing time for them to leave-I would have reached them home, but I remembered – it was my evening walk, and my car was parked home – Uncle said ‘not to worry son, aunty would love to walk back home – now wouldn’t u hun??’ – tho’ she had a smile on her face, I do not think she quite appreciated the idea 🙂 🙂

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  1. I have been to Goa a couple of times and I love the laid back attitude that people there seem to have. I used to think that maybe I was imagining it but looks like I am not. I dont know any Goans – though I have two very good friends who are Mangloreans. The surnames are similar and they also speak Konkani but they assure me that they are different…! I saw a film by Shyam Benegal called ” Trikal” which was about Goa of the old – portugese speaking aristrocrats et al. Have seen other films which are set in Goa but probably are not about Goa. Can you recommend a book about it? ( though I did read one called “Boungevillea House” which was a sort of murder mystery set in Goa)

  2. Meera,will get back 2 u on tat….now tat im more out of state,rather than in-state…n-state…

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