Teaching – A profession or a Passion? …. and my journey to getting here!

A difficult question to answer to begin with! ….but I guess in many ways its a passion I am getting paid for, would be an apt answer. Even as I write these lines, I remember my younger years, when I told my dad….lets buy one of these hanging black sheets where we could write on it with chalk-It fascinated me…and everyday after coming back from school, I would imitate my teachers on how they would teach at school on that blackboard at home,hanging from my bedroom door. Only to discover many many years later, I would actually be teaching in regular schools and real children…and that too miles away from my home town.

Looking back…If only I followed my passion (that time it was more of a fascination) and worked towards being a teacher earlier rather than finding the wrong jobs to eventually get to the ‘Right One’. Maybe its a little unfair to say that the other jobs were wrong career paths that I chose, it was probably something I would never excel in and enjoy myself doing for too long.

A brief mention of my journey path…my first job @ a call centre in Mumbai (the city of dreams as everyone calls it!) …. my understanding then – just out of college – quick money – and the shortest way to get on top of the tree the quickest! Well, reality soon dawned on me …. and the journey to the top wasn’t all that easy afterall, Mumbai was never my calling in the first place!….. the dream lasted a year…what next then!? Back to the drawing board….time to head back to Sweet Ol’ Goa, where things move so slowly that a catterpiller would be proud of its speed. Next Job – Real Estate…what a drastic change…Call Centre to Real Estate!? I did not know what it even meant ….! Thanks to Google, it provides a lot of answers. My dad thought I should give it a try…I did…a good chunk of 6 years of my life! I gave it my best shot…but somewhere down my heart, I wasn’t really happy at the end of each day I returned home. For those who are not aware, there is a LOT OF MONEY in the Real Estate sector, if you only know the right sources to tap…I did…and money flew in, and my bank accounts were smiling, Yet! I wasn’t. At the end of it all…6 years and 2 months…I called it quits. I wouldn’t say I did not learn anything…I did learn, how to be part of a corporate setup, how thing are to be approached in the correct way, I also learnt very Importantly that BOSSES CAN BE REAL ASSES! Some bosses are – trust me! Everything I did, he said I could do better…you do a 5Lakh business, he wants 15Lakhs next….you come close to that and he gets ambitious. The company I worked for was a Husband – Wife duo, its like having 2 bosses, only difference being…the woman speaks to the man …. and he inturn dishes it out to us in full measure.

A lot changes over time, 6 years 2 months….and it was a change I wanted … rather needed. This time again, no backup plan was made, and so BACK-TO-THE-DRAWING-BOARD scenario once again. Only this time I knew I wanted to do something that I love and enjoy doing. This is the phase in life where I want to thank my closest friends, who helped me realise …. ” Its not money you run after, enjoy what you do…take up a job that makes you smile at the end of the day and money will start running after you” I thought to myself … its easier to talk, giving advice is the easiest thing to do….I needed a job and not advice!

Not very long after…and advertisement which caught my eye on the daily newspaper “Wanted Teachers in Kerala to teach English, having a good command over the language”. I read once ….. twice, and I thought to myself …I got to be kidding myself…. a Teacher? An English Teacher? At that time Kerala to me  was only Divine Retreat Centre and back – nothing else … Kerala as a state was alien to me. I had no formal training in teaching. It is a fact that my command over the English language is better than a few others…. still….. 2 days ….3 nights ….just thinking! Next day I cut out the advertisement and kept it in my drawer. I once again thought to myself “How will I tell dad What will I tell him? Will he think I have lost it? Call Centre – Real Estate and now School Teacher? It then dawned on me let me go and ask the one person, who is sure to give me an answer to my confusion. I visited the Blessed Sacrament, and put my confusion infront of God. He should have an answer, maybe it was His plan in the first place that my eyes should fall upon that particular advertisement on the newspaper. I went down on my two knees, closed my eyes and prayed….5 minutes…..10 minutes ….. nothing happened, God did not talk to me, he did not give me the answer I was looking for. I opened my eyes, and prayed for the last time and said “God, If it is your plan that I change direction, show me the path to your plan”. I went out of the Blessed Sacrament, but this time I felt at PEACE , I wasn’t confused anymore, and I decided to talk to my dad that same day at night when everyone else went to sleep. I always turn to my dad, I respect his judgement a lot, and I know no matter what I say or do-he will understand.

It was 11.00 at night…I went to dad…’Daddy, I want to speak to you, just you and me’. It took him by surprise, as I have never approached him for anything in a formal way.

What happened Son? I have been noticing you these past few days…you seem pre-occupied!?

….and I begun. I narrated to him the entire events of the past few days, from the day I saw the advertisement, and the end of it all placed the advertisement infront of his eyes.

He was very encouraging, very supportive …. he smiled, and looked at me, and asked me only one question ‘Are you sure about this? you do know teaching is not a very high paying job, and you are a young lad, settling fast into a future of your own….. Dad….dad ( I interuppted) I know I want this… he smiled, tapped me on my shoulder. Later, we said our good nights and slept over it. The next day mum and sister knew about it (when did dad get the time to tell them?)….. I was at home the whole time!! Lets say the next few reactions wern’t all that great… but I was determined this time… I knew I wanted this! When my neighbours, friends and other around came to know of my career change – path, they ridiculed, poked fun… statements like “Savio is becoming a school teacher” “Savio will now be teaching A for Apple, B for Ball etc” were doing the rounds. I was all to familiar with what I was to expect … I still did not change my decision, I wasn’t to be weighed down by the all the taunts. The Next day, I went for the Interview, I was selected… and I made it out of Goa, as an English Teacher. A profession unknown to me till then…. it was only once I entered the school that I was to teach in….. the second period of the day, and my first class 6A, the students stood up to wish me as I entered their class….

“Good Morning Savio Sir, Welcome to our class …….” at that very moment, I knew… this is it! The emotion and feeling that ran through my entire body said that … this is my stage… and I truly belonged here……!

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  1. Savio .. there is something someone once said ( Steve Jobs I think ?) that one needs to keep doing different things until one finds one’s calling..Obviously that is true in your case. Teaching is a profession that can give a lot of satisfaction if you are seriously into it. One of my teachers once told me that a teacher is like a Sculptor – they fashion out an individual from the raw clay.. ! If at all people remember someone till the end of their lives it the teachers who taught them. I feel very emotional when I think about those who taught me ( you can visit my other blog http://meerareflections.blogspot.com/2011/09/teachers-enablers-or-service-providers.html ) where I did a post on teachers day!!!

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