Passengers on Flight no MH291 Mumbai to Sydney may please board the aircraft……

jazzzzyyyyyyy, the taxi’s here……. yelled out Dora from the verandah (Jaz on the other hand was checking up if she had’nt missed out on anything, and that she put all that was required in her suitcases)

commmmminnnnngggggg….im there in 5

Mom: its not 5 my dear, its 6.30 and you have your flight to catch 1 hour from now

mama …… 5 more minutes!? I know what the time is……awww, my chweet mama 🙂 my mama worries so much about me 🙂

Good lord, when will I ever understand what their shortforms mean? and whats this jazzy business? …. we have given you such a beautiful name ‘Jasmine’

Mama, not again, not now….I have a flight to catch remember….bye mama, bye papa (gives them a hug and a kiss) bye babes, luv u … muaaah,muaaaah … (as she kisses her younger sister Dora – to make a dash to the taxi and to Chatrapati Shivaji Internaional Airport) luv u all loads …. miss me ok!? muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

John, what is muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh? its ok darling, i’ll explain that to you later….. and they go out to the verandah, to see jasmine get into the taxi.

(jaz was making her trip to Australia, where she opted for a study and work visa thing) She was an ambitious girl, and always wanted to do things her way,after a lot of family drama-her parents hesitantly gave her the go-ahead, knowing that it would be a welcome change) Jaz kept waving her hand from the taxi window as the taxi zoomed of 24, Parsi colony-Dadar.

To add to the chaos traffic around Mumbai city, and a ticking clock- the heavens opened up to what was a light drizzle to start off with! (she starts to talk to the taxi driver)

J:- Bhaiya thoda jaldi chalenge? woh kya hai na …. mera flight ek ghante mein hain…toh mujhe zyaada jaldi pahunchna hai

Cabbie:- Toh mein taxi chala raha hoon na Madam!, meri taxi hawai jahaz thodi hai?

J:- chalo bhaiya, no problem-aap tension mat lo

Cabbie:- huh!? Tikhe Madam

(as they drive along, its a heavy downpour! the clock’s tickin’ …… its 7.00p.m) Drivin’ thru pouring rain, big potholes and challenging Mumbai’s traffic at its peak, jaz reaches the airport @ 7.15)

J:- bhaiya, yeh lo aapka paise – thankyou

Cabbie:- thankyou, dhyaan se Madam

(she takes up a trolley to put her luggage to get into the airport…just then she see’s a familiar face at a distance, she rubs her eyes….and again…. but its still him!!) This is gotta be a dream, Is it really him?….but how could this be possible, I …I …I…., didn’t I? she looks away from his direction, and hurriedly makes it inside the airport. (Jaz is disturbed, as she checks in….and awaits the announcement for flight boarding MH291 Mumbai to Sydney) She picks up ‘The Times of India’, glancing through the paper – her mind wandering back to when it all started ‘The Forum Mall – Bangalore 26 months ago……….

February 13, 2006 Jaz and Jenny were shopping around the mall, jenny wanted to pick up something really cute for her boyfriend for valentines day and she thought jaz would be the best person to help her find the perfect gift for him. After 2 hours at the mall, they could not find one thing that came close to what would make an ideal gift….as they were leaving they bump into their classmate Shawn.

Shawn: – hey girls, busy shopping for valentines?? choosing something for me?

Jenny: – don’t create a scene here shawn….just go!

Shawn:- hey jaz, you’re looking good today, do I look your type today? I am decently dressed! Ain’t I? (jaz chooses to ignore)

Jenny:- look here dude…. we’re not really interested here….

Shawn:- it’s not you im interested in….its Miss beauty queen I wanna talk too

Jaz:- dude, don’t screw up, unless you want another nice juicy 5 finger design on your cheek infront of a bigger audience LOSER!!

Shawn:- Oh yeah, wanna play Miss tuffie girl huh!?

(Jenny pulls jaz’s hand and does the hurried walk towards the exit) …..what the …ff??? …. cool it babes 🙂

College-The week before at the corridor :-

Sh: Hi Jaz, its valentines day next week….would you like to come with me to the Valentines dance?

Jz: Sorry dude, I already have a date (and continued talking to her friends)

Sh: Com’on Jaz, you know I love u ….

Jz: Listen here buddy, we are not happening ok! Get real (pointing her hand at him-sizing him from top to down)

Sh: (stretches out his hand to hold hers) Jaz, don’t you love me? don’t leave me and go!

Jz: She turns around, and slaps him right at his face (the sound of which echoed right across the corridor, as everyone turned their focus towards him)

– – – – he turned around, walked away….not before giving jaz the ‘I will get-back-at-you’ look ………. – – – – and has been stalking her ever since…. only waiting for a chance to get back at jaz for the slap that she gave him that day Everywhere she went-he would be around.

On the other hand Jaz continued enjoying her life, for her it was an incident of the past and she forgot about it. Jaz went about having a great time, friends…..parties, picnics, social events…..but somewhere, somehow always felt she was being watched, followed …. but whenever she looked around and found no-one … she would laugh it off, and move on. A year passed and she graduated college, fell in love with her best friend….. she was the happiest girl, full of life, her happiness radiated on everything she did-she had the perfect life, and the perfect man. It was the 14th of February 2007, Valentines Day when James & Jaz decided to have dinner together…to celebrate love-love for each other, and it would be only fair to say after dinner to have a romantic walk under the moon lit sky! As James went to collect his car from the parking area, while jaz waited for him……after a few seconds, she heard a couple of gun-shot being fired ….. she ran, towards James’s direction …. and found James lying in a pool of blood ………….. Jamessssssssssss! she cried….. what happened? who did this to you!? James could not speak, but pointed a direction with his finger …. at a distance…..she saw someone standing, she was still by James’s side…..the man standing afar started walking towards her ….when he got closer…….she looked up……youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

and he uttered the same lines she heard 1 year and 7 days ago “would you like to come with me to the Valentines dance?” now since he is out of the way! (pointing to the dead body) as he held the gun pointing towards her…… he caught her by the hand…..she fought back, the gun fell on the road, she ran towards it…. and without blinking an eyelid

….aimed….and shot…..1……2…….3…….4 ………. bullets…..HE LAID DEAD!

Excuse Me! the man asks……. Is this seat taken (pointing to the seat next to her)….. as she put the paper down…. she looked at him! shocked …….. unable to utter a single word……….

Hello! Ma’am, is this seat taken?? Hello!! Hello!!

Women are strange!! and to think I left a strange one at home!! Looks like they are everywhere!!!

(In the background) : Announcement : Passengers on Flight no MH291 Mumbai to Sydney may please board the aircraft….your attention please Passengers on Flight no MH291 Mumbai to Sydney may please board the aircraft…….

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  1. I think Shawn is a misunderstood guy..! BTW is that him in the next seat ? I expect there is a part 2 🙂

  2. 🙂 tx meera, havn’t thought of a 2nd part as of yet!

  3. its around ten to five in the morn – n juz thru wid tis post. Good goin …. awaiting ur next piece of fiction …. :O

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