just another story

Daniel: Hey Rohan! How are you? Long long time

Mark: Am doing great buddy, what about you?

Daniel: fine, thank you. What are you doing now? Where are you working?

Mark: I am working for Bharati Airtel

Daniel: Oh cool….so you are guys connecting people together huh!!? Airtel is good man…you working as???

Mark: Branch Manager

Daniel: Not bad dude, for someone who was the quietest guy around at school …. impressive! So when is the treat? Party? That’s enough reason to party!

Mark: Party? You and your parties! When will you change?? You are looking at the first opportunity to eat… arn’t you? U’ve grown double your size in a few years man…. btw where are you working?

Daniel: that’s another long story…I would need the entire day to tell you about it….

Mark: Good, Why not start with Lunch? What say? @ ‘The Googly’ – my treat

Daniel: Anytime, let’s go! (they get into the car and drive to ‘The Googly’, they reach in a few minutes…as they walk in, they notice another school classmate Vincent sitting besides a pretty young girl)

[They take up a table and decide to spring up on their ol’ classmate vincy. They show up behind him and surprise him]

Dan & Mark: Hey Vincent, our school stud….sup man!? (He is startled as he looks behind)

Vincent: Hey …. guys, Dan….Mark…. Wow! after all these years…. how are you doing? How come you guys are together?

Mark: I bumped into Dan at the book-stall

Vincent: Bookstall huh…and Dan? Something’s not right …Dan was never a book guy

Daniel: You are absolutely right. I wasn’t looking at the books, I was checking out the babes man!! Behind every book shelf is a pretty girl reading a book… just checking them out, and you know just incase I get lucky…

Vincent: Dan will never change….. looks like the only thing thats changing is his weight 😉

Daniel: yeah man! am working on that, chics dig slim bods 😉

Mark: and who may we ask is this pretty girl (as he extends his hand towards the girl)

Hi, I am Mark and you are……???

(before she coould reply, Vincent butts in)

Vincent: Guys, meet my wife Suzanne 🙂

Dan & Mark: Congratulations buddy, we did’nt know you were married…….

Vincent: Last year, Nov 16

(Dan extends his hands to wish suzanne, as she excuses herself to the bathroom, leaving the 3 friends to talk)

Daniel: dude…..she is wooowwwwwwwwwww!!! man …. where did you find her? You seem to find all the good ones…..

Mark: Nice choice buddy! Imported?

Vincent: No ways, Made In India, born and brought up in Pondicherry?

(as soon as they heard the word ‘Pondicherry’ Dan & Mark burst out laughing… becoz it was the way Vincent said it… he always had a funny accent…. ponnndiiiiicheeeriiieee 😉 😉

You guys still single huh!! Still testing the waters I suppose 🙂 don’t forget to add this friend to your wedding guest list.

Mark: Dan and myself are having lunch together, why don’t u join us?

Vincent: No thanx guys, Suzanne has to go for aerobic classes and I have a dental appointment

Mark: Oh wow dude! High Maintainence charges …… 😉

Vincent: Bye guys, meet you sometime soon…

Daniel: Did you see that?? He just left and went… I tell you people change after marriage……

(Mark and Daniel go back to their table an order for lunch)

Mark: So Dan the man, what’s your story??

Daniel: you remember Deepti, don’t u? Our Head Prefect when we were in the XIIth grade

Mark: yeah, that tall real snobbish girl…. u hated that female

Daniel: right..when did I sayyyyy….

(Daniel is interrupted)

Waiter: Excuse me Sir, Mr Daniel Lobo?

Daniel: Yes, that would be me

Waiter: There is a call for you at the reception counter.

(Daniel is surprised!! Call for me at the reception counter? Who knows I am here? I have a mobile phone…. I don’t understand!)

He gets up, excuses himself and walks up to the reception, takes the call….

Daniel: Hello, This is Daniel……….

………………………… Look forward to part II

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