The telephone call

Rahul: Hello! Is this 4132175? May I speak to Anu?

Father: WHO IS THIS?

Rahul: Hello Uncle, I am Rizwan – Mumtaz’s brother. I wanted to discuss some English Assignment. Is Anu there?

Father: (Uncle is obviously angry that a boy wants to talk to his daughter) She is busy! You can call later! Rahul: Uncle, it is really important, please call her Father: (After a lot of persuasion from Rahul’s part, father replies) Ok! I will call her …. and he goes ……..

Anuuuuuuuuuuu , there is a call for you, some Rizwan on the phone (hands over the phone to Anu)

Anu: Rizwan? (She wonders who could Rizwan be?-she picks the call

Hi Rizwan

Rahul: Hey Anu – I am Rahul dear, your father is so strict- I got a little scared so I changed my name

Anu: (Whispering on the phone) Hey Rahul, so nice of you to call ya, yes my dad is very strict-don’t mind. By the way…Rizwan huh? nice πŸ™‚

Rahul: Why did you not come to college today? I missed you in class

Anu: I wasn’t feeling well today, so did not feel like attending college.

Rahul: You know what Anu, you should buy yourself a mobile phone-it would be less stressful calling you directly, rather than on the land phone

Anu: Yeah sure, let’s see when dad decides to finance me with one. Maybe I should tell him it is your idea…. he might get me one tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Rahul: ya..ya … very funny… Ok listen! Just keep your English book in front of you, or else your dad might doubt us otherwise.

(The phone reception on Anu’s side is not very clear)

Anu: Ok! Hold the line while I get my book.

(Rahul does not quite hear what Anu has to say, he does not realise that she has left the phone and gone…he continues talking, thinking Anu is still on the other side)

Rahul: Hey dear, I missed you so much today at college today; you know Professor’s Bakshi’s lectures are so boring without you around. The one chance I get to talk to you at home, and your father comes on the line…. is he a HITLER descendant by any chance?? What is his problem? Does he have a problem? We shall meet tomorrow before college at our famous Ice-cream hangout…. and go to college together…what say???

(Rahul keeps on talking, as the father listens to the conversation, he sees Anu coming down the staircase with some books and leaves the phone by the table and goes back to his seat)

Anu: hi dear, I am back πŸ™‚ did I take long???

Rahul: What did you mean you are back? You are kidding right!? Where did you go all of a sudden? While you were gone… who was I talking to then? I could feel your breath on the phone…..

Anu: I went to get the English book remember? your idea!?

Rahul: so you mean whatever I just said… about missing…………. ice creammm………….mmmmm?

Anu: What, who is missing? What ice cream? Rahul, what are you talking about??

Rahul: (sounding confused) O’ MY GOD, if it wasn’t you on the line…who was it then?? don’t tell me I was talking to your dad…..

Anu: What did he say??? did he say something to you?

Rahul: no no no… Nothing like that .. I was talking; he was probably doing the listening….

Anu: Ok! I am not getting you here….you were talking to my dad? and what did u actually say?

Rahul: actually, I wasn’t aware you left the phone… and I was saying these good things to you like…that I missed you….and that we’ll meet tomorrow at the ice-cream hangout b4 college and…..

Anu: Whatttttttt???? Why??? Oh Gawd!! now dad is gonna kill me!

Rahul: Relax! When Rahul is here, there is nothing to fear!

Anu: ok..ok…dad is coming….bye….bye…..byeeeeeeeeeee. See you at college tomorrow.

(Anu keeps the phone down..and walks back towards the staircase – dad stops her on the way)

Father: So Anu, how is ice cream boy??

Anu: daaaaaaaaaaaddd!? ice creaaammm boyyyy???

Father: I heard that you would be having ice cream before attending college

Anu: …………………………………………. (Silence)

Father: So, tell me who is this Rizwan? Is he your classmate?

Anu: Yessss………Noo….oooo…..I mean yes…… dad

Father: Can I talk to your ice cream boy? Can I have his number?

Anu: No dad, it’s okay.


Anu: (gets a start) 98 74 78 55 34

(Father dials the number)

(On the other side….rahul picks the line)

Rahul: Hellllllllooooooooooo!

Father: Hi there, Ice-Cream boy!

Rahul: Uncccccleeee???

Father: Yes Ice-Cream boy! Uncle! Hitler’s descendant……remember????

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  1. Really sweet.. Reminds me of my school days! My daughter sometimes has her class mates call her on the land line and the husband enjoys scaring these guys off with a pretentiously loud voice asking “WHO”

  2. My dad is not like this..he would insist me to get my male friends to home itself so that other people won’t think that he is my boyfriend, if i speak to them by meeting at some coffee shop or some place..So my every male frnd knows my father and he knows my frnds no issue in that…😊

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