the family….

Steve saw many cars passing him, which was weird as the though that all of them were driving in the reverse. He later realised, that it was not them who were moving but him. He was driving, he had the faintest clue where he was going, or even why he was in such a tearing hurry…..ahead the traffic got much busier and he had to slow down, but he had no intention of doing tat, as he was in a mighty hurry. He took the first available left turn and continued speeding, then he took a right turn….and ahead he saw a large monstrous truck which opened its mouth and gobbled him up.

He woke up from his dream, Steve had just experienced a real accident, but he did not know where the monstrous truck came from, it was probably from a movie that he had seen last night. Anyways, he did not pay too much attention to the dream; he had lots of important work which had to be completed that day.

His name was Steve, an I.T Professional, born in India, brought up in New York. He was married to Jessica and had a son Russel. He loved them a lot, especially his son Russel, but in the recent past all wasn’t well with Jessica and Steve. Due to work commitments and misunderstandings between the two, Jessica found her way out of the house to a rented apartment along with their son, as problems had gotten bigger with every passing day.

Steve had a big conference in the afternoon, which he was looking forward too all week, he had to give a presentation for his company’s new software launch-which if went successfully he would be in line for a promotion. After the conference he also had to attend a friends birthday party, which by the description given by his other friends, sounded to be A BIG BASH!

Steve got up and stared at the clock on the wall…it said ‘he was very late’ and he had to hurry up or in other words – It was already 8.30 a.m. He got ready as soon as he could and got into his car, and drove to office. The traffic picked up, and eventually it was more of a crawl to work. By the time he got to office it was 9.45 a.m, which meant an angry face and definitely plenty of words to be heard from the Boss, Mr Smith. He went into his cabin, and acted as casual as he could, so that nobody would notice him, just then a knock oh his door – It was Mr. Smith

“You are not paid to arrive at any time you wish, young man” shouted Mr Smith, or as Steve would put it ‘barked’, after a lengthy talk, he said “You better put up an excellent presentation of our new software launch, or you can forget about any promotion for a long long time”.

Even though Steve had not paid much attention to the lecture that Mr Smith gave him, the last sentence was very clear. The Boss clearly meant business. The rest of the morning, Steve was occupied on practicing his lines for the perfect presentation, in front of the Chairman of the company and the other ‘biggies’ of the company. At 11.45, he had an early lunch at the cafeteria and was washing his hands when his phone rang. He picked it up, expecting it to be a call from his Boss, as to why he was not at his desk.

He took the cell phone, out of its cover, and looked at it

J-E-S-S-I-C-A calling…..

He wondered why Jess would be calling at that hour. He answered the phone


“Hey its me Jess”

I know that, why have you called me at work?

“I wanted you to do me a favour”

What is it?

“Can you please pick Russel from his school today at 12.30, the school has finished early due to drama practices for their oncoming annual day function. I am stuck in traffic, and I would not reach soon enough”

No Jessica, I can’t pick him up either, I have an Important conference at 12.15, and that would only finish at 1.00.

“But darling….I am stuck in traffic….”

You very well know its your responsibility to pick him up from school everyday. Now you make excuses

He cut the call and stomped out of the restroom and towards the Boss’s cabin, who was looking for him. They both walked towards the conference room.

He was in the midst of his presentation his phone rang again, he mentally kicked himself, he had forgotten to put his phone on Silent Mode. He excused himself and looked at who the caller was;

J-E-S-S-I-C-A calling……

He cut it off, and turned his phone into vibrator mode. Not even a minute passed, and the phone started vibrating once again, he excused himself again-this time he picked up the call, before he could say Hello

Jessica spoke;

“Come to St George’s hospital immediately” (shouted Jessica’s voice which sounded like she was crying and angry at the same time)

What is the matter with you? Didn’t I tell you that I have a conference (shouted back Steve) but the reply he got, took him off guard

“Russ……Russ has been in an accident, a truck hit him when he was crossing the road to call me as I was late….We have taken him to St George’s hospital, Come here quickly”

Steve didn’t say anything, he just ran out of the conference room , down the stairs burst out of the main door of the building and straight into his car. He sped down the road, the cars were passing him. He wondered about the truck and was surprised at noticing the fact that he had a dream about a truck too, he thought and wondered if the dream had been a sign…..

Anyways, nothing mattered to him now, he continued speeding down the road, the traffic started to thicken, and he though to himself if he continued on the same road, he would be stuck, he took a quick left turn so that he could go around, and then a quick right, what he saw in front of him was a big truck carrying huge logs. He tried dodging the truck to the right and to the left, on one such attempt he same to close to the truck……and after that everything went blank!!!!

When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring at Jessica, who was sitting beside him. He realized, he was in the hospital, and that he was involved in an accident.

He saw Russel besides him; on the other side of the bed in crutches….he did not know what to say and how to react. He was glad to be alive and happy to be with his family again. He vowed that he would never let them go.

Although the dream bothered him time and again, he didn’t worry much about it, and he thought to himself it was a message from God in order to get his family back.

After 2 months Steve rejoined work, work was the same……but Steve was a changed man.

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  1. Nice story. Wonderful prose.

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