the new student

It was just another Monday morning, nothing out of the ordinary, the usual alarm clock, mom calling me downstairs, dad’s at the table sipping away his coffee. There was a strange feeling dwelling inside of me, I could not deduce what it was. I did all my chores and rushed downstairs, grabbed a slice of bread and rushed to the bus stop. My heart was then aching to see her, I reached the bus stop, but the girl I wanted to see wasn’t there! I thought to myself, where could she be??

Am I earlier than normal, I looked at my watch….nopes, I was on time!! She just never turned up.

The best part of my day just turned out to be empty, and my heart went back to its robotic pounding once again. It is every morning that I would visit the bus stop just to have a glance at ‘her’, that wonderful smile, the pretty salwars she wore, and her beautiful long hair….aah! it was just magical….and my otherwise ordinary day would turn out to be special. The magical feeling that would engulf me everyday was just not meant for today. I boarded the bus and everything went on as usual….it was surely a dull day. I returned back from college, hoping tomorrow would be a better day. It was a sleepless night….I was too anxious to see her the following day.

“Trrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnggggggggg” rang the alarm. It was 7 a.m…. A new day, a fresh beginning. I raced to the bathroom for a quick shower, put on a nice formal shirt, tucked into a neatly ironed black pant and made my way to the bus stop. I told myself, today is the day….I am gonna say it, I can’t hold it within me any longer. As I reached the bus stop, I saw the bus was already leaving….all I saw of her was her blue shawl fluttering in the breeze as the bus picked up speed.

Damn!!! How did I miss the bus? Was the bus early today?? I caught the next bus and went to college….it was going to be yet another boring day. I entered my class room, and threw my bag on the bench. No sooner the bell rang, and our class teacher Mrs Chatterjee entered the class-that was strange coz it wasn’t the English class.

She came into the class and made an announcement “Students, we have a new student who will join our class from today, as she ordered the student to come into the class, my face suddenly lit up… was the bus stop girl, and she was to join our college, and in my class (I was doing the jig in the mind at that very moment). The teacher told her to introduce herself. The voice I longed to hear, finally spoke “Hi friends, I am Neha, it is nice to meet you all. The teacher noted the empty space besides me, and told Neha, go and sit next to Rajiv (My friend couldn’t have chosen a better day to stay home) she obeyed, and made her walk towards my bench….wasn’t I top of the world? She turned towards me and smiled, she said Hi Rajiv. I smiled back and extended my hand….she had the softest hands, the kind of hands you wouldn’t want to let go forever.

I was just excited that day. After watching her at the bus stop for so long, who ever imagined that one day she would be in my class room sitting next to me….woooooooohoooooooo!!

…………………….to be continued

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  1. beautifully written 🙂 there is a certain honesty and simplicity in your writing and that is what interests me the most . 🙂

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