its a boy-girl thing

Blasting away is music from Pooja’s room………………………..

Humming tune

…OUCH….. (Breathing sound)

– Tabla sound –

O dhak dhak karne laga, ho mora jiyara darne laga (2)

saiya baiya chhodna, kachchi kaliya tod na (2)

dil se dil mil gaya, mujhase kaisi ye haya (2)

tu hai meri dilaruba, kya lagti hai, va re va (2)

dhak dhak karne laga, ho mora jiyara darne laga


apana kaha jab piya tune mujhe,

main meethe meethe sapane sajane lagi

dekha meri raani jab maine tujhe,

meri soi soi dhadkan gaane lagi

jaadu tera chhane laga, meri nas nas mein samaane laga

kkud ko main bhulane laga, tujhe saanson mein basane laga

rishta, ab ye rishta………….

(In the living room)

Dad: (tapping his feet to the music) Darling, looks like our Madhuri is up early today

Mom: O’ No, not again!! It’s been a week now….every morning, it’s the same story (calls out to her daughter from the kitchen)

Pooooojaaaaaa, come for breakfast, breakfast is getting cold. You’re favorite French toast with bacon and ham, just the way you like it.

(Oblivious to any sound activity outside her room, Pooja continues practicing the steps….)

(10 minutes pass by; mom makes her way to her bedroom….Pooja, Pooja! Can’t u hear I’ve called you? Breakfast is ready; come on now, you can do your practice later. Pooja switches off the music system, makes way to the living cum dining room)

P: gudmorning dad, gudmorning mom. It’s such a wonderful day, isn’t it??

Dad: surely, why not when Madhuri goes dhak dhak early morning, the day is bound to be good, what say darling?

Mom: Yeah yeah, father and daughter duo…what else can you expect? (father and daughter high5)

P: Mum, dad, ok listen…we’ve got this cultural festival coming up at college, and I’m doing this dance (dad interrupts)

Dad: so that explains the madhuri dhak dhak for the last one week. Couldn’t u find any new numbers? Katrina’ Kaif’s Sheila ki jawani maybe?

P: O’ come ‘on Dad, Madhuri’s song will drive the crowd wild, and besides everyone does a Katrina nowadays…sometimes we need to bring the good old stuff back. If I’m not mistaken, your all time favorite heroine was Madhuri too?

(Mom overhearing the conversation)

Mom: Yes, his first love too, unluckily she got married and he had to settle for me (they all laugh together)

Dad: Darling, did I ever tell you, this was my favorite song, just loved the way she did her dhak dhak. (trying to imitate)

P: Daddy, naughty naughty, not in front of mom??

(Pooja had the coolest parents ever, they lived more like three friends, who laughed and joked together)

Dad: Surely, by now you’ve found your Anil Kapoor, to join you in the lead pair.

P: Actually, the auditions are on for my dance partner, it was easy selecting a Madhuri, everyone in college knows, no one does a Madhuri better than me.

Mom: Wow! That is a lot of confidence young girl. You’ll surely have one proud dad, when you’re up on stage doing your dance. (Pooja finishes off her breakfast and heads to college)

(At College)

(Meets her friend Reena in the corridors)

P: Hey ree, wait up! Heard that today is the final round for the auditions of my lead pair for the college dance.

Reena: true, heard rahul is the front runner to make it

P: eeeeeeeeee, rahul?? What about sameer? We’ll look good together on stage. Rahul is short ya, and besides the guy barely knows to dance? Stage pe pappu nikle toh??

Reena: come on ya; don’t say anything about Rahul…kuch kuch hota hai, tum nahi samjhoge!

P: reena…filmy dialogues, eeeeeeeeeee!! Don’t tell me you’re playing his Simran? Does he even know, that you know…like you are interested and all???

R: Shhhhhh, yeh khabar sirf mere dil ko hai

P: Offo! Yeh ladki bhi na! God, Bless this child….silent love story (taps reena on the back) tu nahin sudroge. See you at the audi room at 12.30, rahul ke aur ek jhalak dekhne ke liye

(Reena smiles and goes to class, and Pooja is off to the computer lab)

(As she walks to the computer lab, she is stopped by a guy [Pooja takes one quick glance at the guy, and she is immediately found pulling her collar. It’s her way of saying-the temperature is getting hotter])

Boy: Excuse Me! Can you tell me the way to the auditorium?

P: Hi, (smiles) Im Pooja, 3rd year Arts (extends her hand forward)

Boy: (smiles) hey, Hrithik (shakes her hand) Auditorium please?

P: I was just going there myself, pointing the backward direction

Hrithik: Weren’t u just going the other way?

(Pooja, her heart now beating at the rate of knots, she walks slowly to the auditorium….in the meanwhile totally checking him out; height-same-style-wow-body-no excess fat-smile-killer. He’s so my kinda guy)

(After walking a fair distance, up and down staircases, they finally reach the auditorium)

P: Here we are, are you here for the auditions?

Hrithik: yup, I am, for the lead pair role of the college dance. (Her face lights up)

P: but, I haven’t seen you in college before? New student?

Hrithik: yup, lemme introduce myself, Hrithik, 3rd year Arts. We are gonna be classmates

P: (in her mind) Yessssssssss!!!!! (She did a small jig in her mind) but how come you are joining the college late? (Like it did ever matter to her)

Hrithik: My dad got a transfer here, so the principal from my college at Delhi, spoke to your principal here, if I could continue without dropping a year. So here I am….. aaaand going by your reaction…I guess you are glad I’m here?

P: huh??? Sorry! Yessss….nooo…..I mean yeah, it would be so cool to have a friend by the name Hrithik….

Hrithik: I guess, maybe (he winks at her) heard there is tuff competition among the boys, lots of talent here or I wonder if the female lead has got to do anything with it.

P: hey, that’s our auditions incharge…Rajat Sir. Come along, let me introduce you to him. (She calls out to him) Rajat Sir (waves her hand out) Sir, this is (rajat interrupts)

Rajat Sir: Hrithik, was expecting to see you, how u doing? Trust you had a good journey from delhi?

P: (looking at Hrithik), you know each other?

Hrithik: Yeah, I spoke to Rajat Sir over the phone. The principal had made me to talk to Sir, regarding the cultural activities.

Rajat Sir: Yes, we have postponed the final auditions for tomorrow. I wanna have a look at a few more contenders along with this guy…12.30 at the auditorium, cya later. Pooja, want to see you there too.

P: Yes Sir

Hrithik: you too are taking part in the rehearsals? Was about to ask you.

P: Gotta run, time for my pracs…see you at 12.30 at the audi.

(Pooja turns around, and begins to run when she bumps straight into Reena)

Reena: Owwww! Pooooo…what’s the hurry girl??? Where are you off to?

P: Just the person I wanna meet. Guess who I saw just some time back…. Rith…rithi….Hrithi…. Hrithik…. (Puffing and panting, and obviously a little hurt)

Reena: Our College? Where? Where? How?? When??? I can’t see him…. Hrithik roshan in our college?

P: Ufff!! Hrithik Sharma yaar…..yeh ladki bhi na, Hrithik Roshan thoda humara college ayega

Reena: Sharma?? Yeh naya Hrithik kaun hai?? Poo, what is going on? Who is this hrithik you are talking about?

P: He is a new student from delhi, I just met him. Ufff, kya diktha hai…meri to nikal gayi yaar…

Reena: Kya? Hawa…? peeche se? usko smell nahi aaya kya?

P: Tu kya bol rahi hai? Maine kya bola, aur tune kya suna? Meri toh nikal padi….tu kya hawa ke baat kar rahi hai?? Meet me at 12.25 at the auditorium, gotta go for comp pracs.

12.20 p.m (at the auditorium)

Rajat Sir: Ok guys line up…we want to have another round with Sameer, Rahul Manoj, Xavier, Mark…and where is Ajay? These girls….where are they? Sam, go call for Natasha reena and pooja. We start in 10 minutes. Where is the new guy?

H: Sir, Hrithik reporting…all set to go

(from a distance pooja overlooks the proceedings) Hrithik catches up with her from behind, taps her shoulder.

Hey, what are you doing here? Aren’t u supposed to be part of the dance? Rajat sir was calling your name earlier.

P: Im already IN dude, the guy selected amongst all of you will be paired opposite me

H: Ohhh! That’s nice to hear, I guess to put in a bit more effort then, to edge out the other guys.

P: Shouldn’t you be back stage preparing your dance moves?

H: yup, gotta go, catch you in a bit




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