The Dream

It was midnight and it was dark. I was walking back home from an amazing party, which just finished an hour back. It was THAT kind of night! It was a beautiful starry night with the little cute owls hooting. With the pretty street lamps glowing in the midst of a pitch dark night, it was a pleasant walk. Not until the power went out, and all of a sudden…it was darkness all around, and the night suddenly didn’t look beautiful anymore. It was beginning to look very scary. The hooting sound of the owls were no longer music to the ears, it was more of a scary sign that you were being watched. Step by step, I got nearer to my house. Just as I was throwing distance away, I heard a loud shriek from what sounded to me, a girl in a lot of trouble. I stopped! Looked straight ahead, and then looked behind. Nothing was around me. Yet the feeling was very weird. Just then from a distance I see two sets of lights coming towards me. It seemed to be a vehicle with high beams; at least the crazy driver should have known not to drive with bright lights in a residential area. The car came at break-neck speed, and braked right in front of me. I looked puzzled, a Mercedes stopping right in front of me, and that too on a day when no one else was on that road and the power gone off. The man who finally came out of the car was someone I least expected!! “What are you doing here? You craaazy craaaaaazy man!! “You would not want to be saying those kinds of words, that too on a lonely road, with nobody around” as he held her hand forcefully and pulled her towards him…… She got up shouting “leave me, leave me….what do you want from me?” Her mother came rushing from the other room and gave Ann a hug. “It will be alright darling” These were the kind of dreams that haunted Ann every single night, she never saw the man’s face, but all her dreams ended the same way… Ann’s mother was very concerned about the continuous nightmares that her daughter were experiencing every night, as she tried talking to Ann the next morning. As much as Ann tried to recollect her dreams, she could not remember the man’s face she saw night after night…but what she did remember is the panic that pervaded her. Finally after a few days, her mother got in touch with Dr Wolves, a world renowned doctor – Mentalist and an expert in Hypnosis Therapy and more importantly a family friend who was in town for an All-International-Doctors conference in the city. Without wasting any more time, she spoke to Dr Wolves and fixed an appointment. Sitting in front of Dr Wolves, Ann was questioned in different ways and interviewed several times over the span of 2 hours. After the prolonged therapy she slowly was able to recollect bits and pieces of the face that she saw every night. On description to the sketch artist, he drew a man’s face to which the mother seemed to recognize. The man’s face resembled that of her HUSBAND! Ann was distraught. My Father?? Why?? How?? She had so many questions. Her father had died when she was a child and she didn’t have many memories of him. Ann didn’t understand why he appeared in her nightmares and left her sweating when she woke up…. She decided to talk to her mother, if she had an explanation to all that was happening to her. Her mother was very busy with the household chores when Ann walked up to her… “Mom, is there something you’d like to tell me about dad? Something I do not know”? Her mother began to cry “I never wanted to talk about it said the poor woman. She finally began…. “Your father was a very difficult man” her mother said. We had a messy divorce, a few months before he became ill” she continued talking “sometimes he got very violent, you were a little girl and I always wished that you stayed away from all this …she continued crying. “I guess it was not to be” said Ann “Although I have no memories of dad, I don’t remember anything that happened, yet something still remained inside me” “I am sorry Ann, I did not want you to be any part of this” said her mother Ann went up to her mom, put her hand around her and asked her mom “Mom will you do me a favor?” “Anything for you dear” Ann continued “Lets pray for dad, for wherever he is. I am sure he would be doing the same for us” The very next minute, they knelt down next to each other closed their eyes and said a silent prayer.

As Macy tucked Ann into bed later that night, within a couple of minutes Ann was sound asleep.

The Next Morning:

There was something strange in the morning that followed….it was snowing in July, normally the summer season in Switzerland for as long as Macy could remember, from the days that she was a small child. She knew that Ann loved to play in the snow, and this time it has arrived much earlier than expected. “Ann will be so excited” she said to herself as she ran upstairs to Ann’s room to tell her. As she opened the door to Ann’s room, she didn’t find her in, very surprised…she started calling out Ann’s name, moving one room to another. Ann was nowhere to be found, thinking of all the possible things that could have happened to Ann….


the telephone began ringing, running downstairs 24 steps, Macy finally reached the phone…..”Hello Ann, is that you?”

“Hello, is this the Bitz residence”

“Yes it is, I am Mrs Bitz”

“This is Doctor Julian from Salem Hospital, Bern”




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