Keep on Moving….

People change…
Feelings fade…
Lovers drift…
Friends leave…
Friends become enemies…
Lovers become strangers….


How often have we heard people say;
“I am really going to miss the good times we had”……
“Life will never be the same, we had such wonderful memories together”….
“this city will always remain special to me, I’ve studied here for 5 long years”….
to summarize it all – one word defines it all ‘attachment’. How is that we get attached to certain cities, people, objects so quickly and why after a period of time does it become a part of one’s life? Doesn’t life move on, and don’t we all move with the changing times? So my question is ‘Why the attachment’?
Or to put it in simpler words ‘Separation’ something which we have all come across at some phase or the other in our lives. We tend to tell ourselves that we cannot live without a certain person, or living in another city would never give us the same satisfaction…which is not really true. We learn to adjust in whichever environment we are in, it takes time but it does happen eventually. I agree when some people say that its hard to live without a person who has been part of your life for a long time, then again its not impossible. LIFE MOVES ON, and IT WAITS FOR NO ONE.
I have heard people getting attached to rooms, where they have spend some precious moments with their room-mates who have turned friends or moving on from our ‘first love’ who we thought was ‘the one’ for us, that special pet at home or even our best friend with whom we’ve confided in and shared our deepest secrets with….and the list goes on.
No matter how strong the bond, how intimate the relationship or how special the time spent was, the grief and the sadness lasts for a few days and then life happens once again as we get ourselves busy with different other things. Does that mean that we weren’t close enough with that person/thing/situation? The answers may vary from person to person but then for me, life is a continuous motion and that’s precisely the reason that makes me say that every bond , every attachment is momentary because nothing is permanent not even our life, let alone relationships we make along the way with the people we meet.
I believe every person we meet, every city we live in or every situation we come across is meant to teach us something, to make us a better person and once the job is fulfilled we have to move on towards our next stop. Hence never underestimate the importance of a person in your life, though we know he/she comes into our life for a purpose and then leaves, we should never take them for granted. For as long as they are part of your life value them, cherish the good times, nurture the relationship and don’t let it fall apart because life has a funny way of springing up surprises when we least expect them.
Everything in this world is momentary, yet sometimes we want to hold on to them forever. If only LIFE gave us that chance…. Enjoy while we have it, it will not last forever!!!

“Life moves on….love doesn’t last….but either way….the memory is still there!

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