LOVE! wats the big deal?

In today’s world, being single is something of the past. Everybody is in the race to find his/her ‘special one’

Thus the question arises….what are we really looking for? What is the type of quality we are in search from that special someone? Is there a criterion to fall in love? I guess even writing an exam is easier. So why then is this term ‘Love’ so highly spoken about? Is it worth the hype? Valentines Day-A Day set apart for lovers (at least its supposed to be) has turned out to be a commercial affair…where in card shops like Archies or Hallmarks make best business in 1 week prior to Valentines Day in comparison to an entire year probably – cards, teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates, balloons etc.

Do not get me wrong, I am not one of the anti-valentine people. I truly believe Valentines Day should be spent with people you love the most, and it does not always have to be your girlfriend/boyfriend, it could also include family, friends etc. How do then people fall in love? Trial and Error or survey the market for the available options? Easier said than done I guess. Nowadays where Love is become a cheap commodity, everyone is looking for it around the corner which include coffee shops, malls, conventions functions etc. Ever heard the term, building a relationship through the medium of friendship? Try it out, it works… it really does. A phrase commonly used by people nowadays “Love is friendship set on fire”, Its just  about knowing the correct time when to take the step forward, something that I must say personally a very hard thing to do.

If I have to ask myself the question, have I found my special one? I would want to believe the answer is ‘Yes”, but at times I am really unsure…is she really the one…how can I be like sure-sure, and probably this is the very time, in the search of the answer we tend to lose out on the people that matter the most to us. We are searching for love…but what we do not realise is that love is always around us, and we are unable to reap its full benefits. We often try to find love in the wrong places, and that is what leads many people to eventual relationship breakups. Love is a strange emotion, we may read all the books, or gain all the information on the topic…yet the true story can be told by individual hearts.

Every heartbeat tells a story…take time, listen to your heart-Who knows…maybe its trying to tell you something.

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