the 30’s

This year I turned 31, actually very early in the year ~ as early as the first month of the year.  I’ll be 32 in 2 months….sheesh!! Time does pass fast. Damn!! When my friends keep reminding me of my age, I tell them I have stopped counting since I turned 21….really!! Who am I kidding!!?? I’m now officially in my early thirties! Yes, still single….a part of your life everybody wants to know about and with no girl (girlfriend/lover) give it any name you like, in the radius of 100 meters around me at all times, it makes me all the more nervous. Whenever I think of this situation, I always remember one particular dialogue I heard from of the many bollywood movies I’ve watched ‘Somewhere, someone has been made for me … and someday I will definitely meet her.

Ok! Yeah those are just dialogues that make films hit, what about life in reality then? The real life stories are just the opposite. Having seen many of my friends marriages on the rocks after a couple of years, or the constant fights that couples have over small arguments leading to bigger things and the increasing number of divorce cases every year. I just wonder, what have people finally come to? That apart, I still want to get married, I know despite all the flaws I will find myself or rather GOD will help me find my suitable partner and bring us together. It’s taking a little long, but I guess the package is really good, and good things take time.

A million people say that your thirties is the best decade of your life, and I’m going to choose to believe them. After three decades of mistake-making, I’ve learned a few things. Actually, you know what….I’ve not learnt all that much, maybe the situations were different; the lessons were basically the same. My 31st year which I am running on hasn’t been all that special on the social front but yes it has done me wonders on the work front. Life has taken a 360 degrees turn, work and responsibilities take over most of the day while friends and recreation time go on to the back burner. The 30’s group, cannot be called the young group nor the middle age or old age….so it’s basically a confusing time. I’m not sure…so I came up with a few points that may make life a little easier in the 30’s…. a little practice in the early 30’s and you’ll get better with practice as life moves on…..

1.     Trust your gut. No more of the probabilities. GO FOR IT: If you think the opportunity is there, seize it. You have something to say to someone, go ahead and say it. If you are/aren’t happy in your job, let the concerned people know. They will appreciate your frankness.

2.     Eat healthy, fruits are always better than meats: It’s not hard to switch over food habits, it’s one of the easier transitions people can make. People tend to fool themselves by eating the wrong foods and saying “see, I am still healthy”. You are just fooling yourself.

3. Maintaining friendships (and making new friends) is an active process: Make plans with friends. Go places where like-minded people hang out, talk to new people at parties, initiate.

4. It really doesn’t matter what you major in: Enjoy your time at office, work comes with stress along with it comes fun. Treat your job as a fun place, leave your worries at home. Try not answering calls from the outside world when in office. Let Office time remain exclusive Office time.

5. Create an active life style: I drive to work but I go for a walk around town after I get back home, just about anywhere within a 2 km radius. If you make daily activity a habit, you will remain fit and healthy at all times.

6. You can find common ground with just about anyone, anywhere: Regardless of a person’s gender, age, race or religion there are common denominators to the human experience – falling in love, being homesick, laughing at funny animals. You don’t even need to speak the same language to share an appreciation for these things. You’d be amazed how far you can get with most people just by smiling and asking them questions.

7. Engage in calculated risk taking: Do things you have never done before. If you don’t do it now, in most probability you will be too old before you try it out, at that time…you r body will not co-operate with you.

8. If you don’t know what you say, silence is always an option: I learned this from many people. If someone says something you don’t like (and don’t know how to respond to it) just stare at them and don’t say anything. Totally terrifying and effective!

9. Stay in touch: In the age of skype/facebook/texting there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t maintain regular contact with your out-of-country friends and family. Maintaining and fostering friendships is super important. Also, you’ll have more couches to crash on when you go traveling!

10. Act like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t have the slightest clue: We teach people how to treat us and when you show people that you’re a force to be reckoned with, they’ll believe you.

There you have my list, The 30’s is just a phase!! I am going to maximize it, I have already begun and I’m gonna have fun!!

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  1. God ….what a reminder ….The big 30 !!! Maximise the fun ….well am doing just that ….common ground with almost anyone true that!
    So I got three with u already Goa, travel and 30 shhhhhh!

    1. shhhhh! lol… I no longer count…age ie 😉

      1. Yeah denial works well! !!

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