by the beachside

Today was going to be a great day! I just felt it It was one of those days where I told myself I needed to do something..nothing planned..something on the spur of the moment. Well for starts I needed to get away from home as far as I could. You know how it is, same place, same people, the same mundane things we do, day-in-day-out. I woke up at 7.30..quite early my standards, on non-working days. As I was 3 sips down my morning ‘chai’, I already knew where I was heading for…and that’s how fast my mind works. Once the location was decided in my mind, setting up things and getting them ready didn’t take time at all. I Went to my room, put a couple of change over clothes, a towel, my camera of course in my bag, picked up the car keys from the key holder…put on a half sleeved shirt, wore my pants and I was off..

Where was I heading?? Of course to the beach side, nothing ever beats the beach side in Goa.. but this time not only to click pictures, admire nature and catch a glimpse of the pretty girls on the beach but to enjoy the water, swim, float and basically do everything crazy with sea water surrounding me, sun-bathe admire the sun set. No sooner I left home, by 9.15 to the petrol station, awaiting my turn to get my tank filled up, I was set to hit the road. I remembered a friend, who like me, loved these kind of trips, “She’d make good company” I thought, keyed in her number from my cell phone and asked her whether she’d like to come. The bumble bee that she was, she was game but where to? The beach side I said.We did go out once before too, to the beach side…we did have a great time together, we walked, talked, basked in the sunshine, clicked photographs..enjoyed the view but we hadn’t entered the water. So this time we would be doing something different. DSCN0058 I told her “how about a swim in the mighty ocean” to which she replied “but I don’t know how to swim” that was true. Another truth was, neither did I..but who cared, you don’t need to be an expert swimmer as long as you know how the basics of floating and make sure you don’t get carried away by the water currents. “do you know how to swim?”, “no, I replied but how about we try to learn it to do it together” She already had another question ready “but I don’t have beach wear”,

OMG girls I tell you! How complicated is it to get a girl to the beach, into the water?” I have an extra pair of shorts I said” ok she replied. In 37 minutes exactly, I saw her walking out of her house she opened the left side door of the car and made herself comfortable next to me (and that by the way was the quickest a girl got to get ready) “So where to” again she asked. The beach side I said, as far as this vehicle can take us. “Ok”, as I set the engine in motion and we were all ready to go. An hour later, no wait… it took us exactly 58 minutes to reach, I parked my car at the 59th minute.  By the 60th minute I was ready to hit the beach with my shorts and my pants thrown in the back seat. She complimented me on my speed, “that was quick” I smiled. It was the beach after all, the shorter the clothes the better, the faster they were off, even better. So I was in my short sleeved shirt with its first two buttons already open and shorts, well I think they were shorter than shorts, some call them jockeys. Oh well! They were, it had the name on the front..I found jockeys a better choice than swimming trunks, (brief shorts) I feel they are uncomfortable and on a beach you want to feel the most comfortable in whatever you are wearing…so jockeys were my choice and it felt good. My friend well, she had a blue and white striped tee and white in color three quarter pants on her. She looked cute in them especially if you walked behind her and through her white three quarter pants you could see her cute light red heart panties that she wore underneath. She should have known that red is brighter than white. Anyways I wasn’t complaining! As we kept walking along the shore with foreigners scattered far and wide, we had ample of place to choose where to put down our sheets and lie on the golden sands. We chose a place not to close, not too far…somewhere in between. With the wide ocean in front of us, heavenly breeze blowing across us, it was an amazing experience. We lay our sheets on the sand and sat, enjoying the surrounding that we found ourselves in, away from the maddening city, the constant chattering of people otherwise always around us. (She is a Lawyer while I a Teacher) This place was a little haven of our own, our little own space with no one to disturb us. By 11am, normally the beach is full of tourists…well, this one wasn’t. Not many know of this beach as it wasn’t as advertised as much as the others were, in the same area. I liked the fact that people had their privacy here. Imagine the locals ogling at you while you sun-bathe, swimming or trying to get coy with a loved one. Well I was ready for a swim, that’s what we were here for wasn’t it?…to enjoy the water. I took my shirt off and waited for Natasha to take off hers. She did in a couple of seconds and we hit the water. I loved the little red hearts, the way they kept moving as she ran towards the water pulling me along with her towards the inviting sea. The first wave that hit us was a strong one, it nearly threw us back. The subsequent waves were not as strong as we got used to the intensity of the water current. It was no looking back after that, from throwing water on each other, getting ourselves soaked from top to bottom in salt water, half of which entered our mouth, noses and ears too. Anyone watching us closely would think we were one crazy couple, we did all kinds of stunts in the water, of course from the usual floating, sitting, lying down, sometimes over each other and hugging each other.

Natasha and I went back a long way. We studied together at a computer course for a year, we were best friends, then we fought, made up…lost contact, re-established contact after a few years and now we try to keep it going whenever we get a chance and spend some time together. We aren’t two people in love, just two people who like being around each other. We lost track of the time playing in the water and we only made it back to the shore at 1.30. The water did start to get warmer after noon. We were wet and were standing under the sweltering heat, at that time I remembered once my teacher telling me “never wear wet clothes and stand under the sun”. Ruffling my clothes in the bag, I found my towel..wait a sec…what was this? “A hand towel” damn! In all that rush I must have put the hand towel in. In the meantime Natasha said she had forgotten to put hers towel in too. We had a situation here! Two people in need of a towel and all we had was 1 hand towel. I gave it to her, guess she would require it more. I thought I’d dry myself with the sun, I guess the word is sun-bathing, not in the actual sense. Sun-bathing meant exposing your skin to the sun in order to make it darker, mine was for a different purpose, I didn’t need my skin to get any darker, I was Indian after all. Color was never an issue. This beach was no way a nudist beach, tho’ it wasn’t illegal to sun-bathe naked, as we walked past a few earlier who were doing the same. I went ahead, took off the shorts I was wearing, facing downwards, I laid motionless soaking in the sun until Natasha came back and tapped me on the back. “Ur naked” she said, “just the way I was born” I said smiling. What will I do while u dry yourself in the sun? She asked. “Join me” I replied. She loosened the back strings to her bikini top and lay the same way wanting her share of sunshine. By this time the sea shore was almost empty with many tourists enjoying their lunch at the shacks some distance away, so in a sense we had the beach to ourselves at least for a few hours. By 2.30 the sand got hotter, I didn’t want to end up with a fried back side, (I had already turned pink by then) I woke up and put my shorts back on, by that time my clothes had all dried up nicely. Turning to Natasha, she seemed to have enjoyed the sun much more, where I noticed that she had taken off her panties as well, sleeping under the heat which now was at its peak, I thought. I shook her up, smiled and said “Ur naked”, “just following the leader” she replied with a wicked smile. I gave her one of my t-shirts which she happily wore as we got up and started walking towards a nearby shack for some good sea food. DSCN0085 After a sumptuous meal, we went for a walk by the sea shore. After a while, Natasha was tiring out, she said “lets rest somewhere”, looking around we walked towards the pine trees and took shade under them for a short snooze. Having my shoulder for support, Natasha soon fell asleep, I had to contend with the support of the tree behind me, we snoozed off for a good 2 hours or so. It was closer to sun set time by the time she woke me up.. “Look,! What a beautiful sunset” She immediately took out my camera and took a few shots of the sunset.  She turned around and looked at me “Let’s go for a swim” Changing into swim wear wasn’t so much of a problem this time as we had them on already, we hadn’t changed into other clothing. Nats jumped in first and as the water kissed her gentle skin, “Oooooooooohh” she said , the water is cold, as I joined her. I loved the cold water and enjoyed every bit of my swim in it. I put my arms around Nats and gave her a tight hug and kissed her on her lips for a brief 10 seconds, she didn’t seemed to have minded. After we separated she asked “What was that all about”? she smiled . .

It was going to be a long drive back home from 55 kms away, especially on a highway with a lot of people rushing to get back home. We got into the car and were on our way back. While I concentrated driving on the busy highway, Natasha decided to entertain herself, she turned on the radio and tuned into 91.9 Radio Indigo..and if I heard correctly what the guy on the radio said “next up is ‘When you kiss me by Shania Twain for all those love birds’”

“Nice timing bro” I said in my mind, couldn’t have been better :p

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