The wedding day…Anastasia speaks ~part 1~

wedding-vows“I am nervous” I said to my bridesmaid, my younger sister cooltext139345415834018Catherine, standing behind her at the doors of the church, seeing everyone inside the church turn behind, it was the time for the bride to enter…I felt like my knees getting weaker…But I had to step towards instead of stepping back. I have waited for this day all my life, to be married to the man of my dreams. Cathy held my hand tightly and whispered in my ear “Everything is going to be just fine, just relax, today is all about ‘You & Joe’.

The whole church was decorated with Silver and Gold colors which made me to feel like I was standing in front of a castle with my prince waiting for me to come to him. There were my friends I could see, many of them who said “we wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world”…and right enough, there were all there.

As the choir sung the entrance hymn, myself Anastasia Maryann Jones, along with my parents Mark and Philomena Jones and the rest of the family behind entered the church, I walked slowly and confidently just like at the rehearsals a day before. When we reached the front of the church, my father gave my hand to who in a few minutes would be my husband. Joe looked straight into my eyes, gave me a reassuring smile for he knew I must have been a bundle of nerves, I smiled back. With more than 200 people watching every little move we made, it didn’t leave me much of a choice.

Being brought up in a devout catholic family, we were 3 daughters living with our parents in the quaint village of Cansaulim while Joe lived in the next village of Arossim. We were family friends, Joe’s and my dad worked in the same company in Dubai. We went to the same school and later college. It was only after college that Joe left to Bangalore to complete his education, something in computer software while I decided to complete my education in Goa itself. It was only when Joe returned to Goa after 8 years that it all started…

The church bells rang, it was time to exchange our marriage vows. We had decided that we would write our own vows and not read the normal one, the priest being known to both our families, agreed to it as a special request. Joe held the mic, looked into my eyes and began:- “Ana, You know me better than anyone else in this world and somehow still, you manage to love me. You are my best friend and one true love. There is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I’m the one who gets to marry you” I will love you forever my darling” As he finished I had a couple of tear drops trickle down my cheeks…It wasn’t because I had a sudden urge to cry, but there were tears of joy that the long awaited moment was finally ours.


As the bells rang after we exchanged our marriage vows and rings, I was now officially Anastasia
Maryann Colaço.  He lifted my veil, which covered my face all this while, as we shared our first kiss as man & wife, in front of 200 smiling people as man & wife.

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