The wedding day…the ready groom ~part 2~

ready groom

cooltext139345415834018I am 30 today, it’s my birthday and more importantly I am getting married today. I remember telling Anastasia when deciding on an appropriate wedding date, that celebrating two occasions on the same day wouldn’t be a great idea, but she thought otherwise and said why not? Well, there is little that can be said after your fiancé makes that really cute face with puppy eyes and looking at you… ”Okay” I said, I lose, you win. So it was set we were to get married on the 5th of January 2011.

“I’ll be married man by the end of today” Wow! I looked up to the Air Conditioner, “these machines don’t work when you want them to work, is it getting hot or what?” I picked up my cell phone, deciding to call the a/c guy…just then my sister entered the room “someone can’t wait to talk to his sweetheart …just another few hours to go and she’ll be all yours”, I smiled. “Oh by the way, your wedding suit is delivered”. She continued, mom sent me up to tell you. Sisters I tell you, she was witness to all the calls that Ana & I exchanged over the land line as we spoke endlessly and with a lot of sweet nothing’s exchanged, mostly from the other side, it was very evident from the smiles that I gave now and then. When I first told mum & dad that Ana and I were dating, they were very happy…from that moment onwards with Ana’s frequent visits home, it seemed that Ana was more their daughter than me being their son. I kind of felt left out but was happy of the fact that they approved & loved my choice. They absolutely adored her and told me that I couldn’t have made a better choice for their daughter-in-law.

A wedding day house is never in order, apart from the hall and the staircase leading to it. Needless to say on the outside the house was decorated with lights all around above a fresh coat of paint on its walls. With relatives moving from one room to another searching for something or the other, nephews and nieces running around the house and yes the Stereo playing love songs from morning. The best part of it all was the attention that the groom got, I was made to feel very special where other family members were willing to do the work for me, which otherwise, I would have to do myself. Since I was given the honors of doing nothing around the house, I decided to call my sweetie pie to see what she was up to.

I picked up my cell and dialed her no, she picked up on the first ring like always;

“hello my hubby to be, missing me?”

“hi, yes I am. What you doing sweetie pie?”

“looking at my wedding dress hanging by the cupboard, and imagining myself standing next to you in the church in a few hours from now as your wife. No one is letting me do any work around here”

“me too, so cool right”

“but we can’t talk all morning on the phone right, my pumpkin, I have got some work to do, so bye…see you in the church”

(I never understood why she called me pumpkin, I wasn’t really fat, okay maybe a little round but I definitely did not resemble a pumpkin, I was very huggable)

“yeah see you baby”

I overheard mom downstairs telling someone “there is so much left to do and we hardly have any time left, she was on over drive mode. I looked out the window and I saw the wedding car coming in, it was only 12.30. Gawd! Mom must have told the guy to come in early, the poor chap must have not even had his lunch. The white Honda Civic, shining brightly in the sun now stood at the porch area well decorated. We still had another, well, only 4 hours to go, that was enough time for me to practice my smile, something that I’d be using excessively for the day. In an hours’ time I was ready,family,friends, neighbors making their way home for the blessing ceremony. A couple of hours practice and I had perfected the killer smile, I was all ready to show it off.

By the time we reached the church, the Jones family were already there. The moment was here, I was confident waiting for my bride to walk in and ready to accept her as my wife in front of God, family and friends. It was only when the Priest asked me these two questions “Do you, Joel, in the respect and confidence of your own individuality, acknowledge within yourself that same respect and confidence for this woman, Anastasia, in the certainty that you will share the deepest of all your emotions: aware also that you may share, but not know, for in knowing you deny the person that she is?”

“Will you accept Anastasia to be your wife? Will you share with her your hurts, your loves, your sorrows, and your happiness? Will you comfort her and be comforted, and share with her in all things meaningful to you?” did I realize how lucky I was to be marrying the woman that I had fallen head-over-heals in love and wished to share the rest of my life with. I replied with an “I do” and an “I will”. It was not long after that the priest declared us man & wife and the moment I waited for the most, the Priest continued “Now you may kiss the bride”.


There are some moments that you wait a lifetime for, this was one…my right arm around her waist and our longest 5 seconds kiss in public, I whispered in her ear, “love you wifey”

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  2. rationalraj2000 says: Reply

    Very nice… Written so well. Is it a memoir or fiction?

    1. Fiction buddy, but some day I hope to have it in reality 🙂 ThankYou so much for reading. For some reason, this piece of writing is very close to my heart 🙂

  3. Such a sweet, sweet story! I felt like I was in the midst of it all, also reliving my own shaadi days. Nicely done!

    1. I had written this a long time ago, much before we connected. Glad you read it 🙂

      1. I’m glad too 😊 and you’re welcome 😊

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