when my heart skipped a couple of beats today…

I have no idea why my heart skips a beat…every time I see her. Today after the Sunday service I met her, she wore a wonderful pink outfit…needless to say, she looked so pretty. I saw her again 15 minutes later at an Inauguration function, though I waited down for mum and dad to come ..saw her along with her parents climb down the same staircase.
I was’t aware she was there too, I would have gone up myself had I known. I messaged her on whatsapp just a while back “I saw you twice today, you made my day, I am happy 🙂 “. Its in the small moments like these that make me smile, make me happy. If God gives me little moments like these everyday, I have no complains, I am very thankful to him.
What else do I need? A smile, a gentle hello…exchanging a few words of encouragement, share a few laughs. I’ve always been an advocate of the phrase; the more simpler the life, the more beautiful life turns out to be.
My friends are my extended family. Ana, well she is just special.. 🙂 My heart skipped a couple of beats today…
A wonderful Sunday, I’ll have to wait another whole week to see her at mass again 🙂


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