Right place! Right Time!

It was one of those days! Lots of housework pending, on top of it, this crazy presentation that the boss needed, like ‘as early as yesterday’. Bloody slave driver!!  I said in my mind.

My relationship with Adi, back home was under strain too as I could not make the time to spend with him like we did before. Ever since we got married it has just been work and more work, the promotion I got just before we got married didn’t really help, on the contrary that kept me busier. We did not even get a chance to go on our honeymoon. Just a couple of days after we got married, around 7.00 it was in the morning, Adi’s cell rang, just when we were in the middle of something really good.

“Who on earth could be calling at this hour?” I barked, “People have no sense of timing whatsoever!”

“Adi took up his phone from the side table and looked at the screen, damn! It was Hitler calling, that’s the name he stored for his boss’s contact no, his real name being Hiten. Close enough, I thought” I got off him and rolled over to my side while he sat up to receive the call. “Good Morning Sir” “Good Morning Aditya” without wasting time he continued “I need you to report back to office today Aditya, we are going to talks with a big company, your presence is of utmost importance as Marketing Head, I know you are on a week’s leave which I will substitute for another week, see you at 9…”

“What?” I asked. “What was so important that can’t wait for a week?”

“The boss said to report to work, something huge has come up and I need to go to office”

(A little annoyed now) “Fuck that work, babe! Fuck me” no sooner he kept the cell back on the side table, the only sounds that reverberated around the room were the wet slurps that we exchanged which got progressively louder in time. Adi was a well-oiled machine and we moved together in perfect rhythm. The time was nearing 8.00, I started work at 10.00 while Adi needed to be at office at 9. Adi! See the time! A wet slurp. ‘Seriously…’ lips smacking… ‘you…have to…’ A pause, with heavy breathing… ‘be at….work…’ Paying no heed to what I was saying, Adi came on top leaned forward and entered me, I moaned…Oooohhhh Adi… oh yeahhh…..oh gawd…..oooooh….oh gawd…ohhhhyeahhhhh…oooohhhhhhh…ooooohhhh…aaaahhh….ooooohhh….ooohhhhh…gawd…Adi…..ooooohh…yeeeesss……yessss…..yesssssssss….yesssssssssss….yessssssss ….oh yesssss yesssss… yessss… ooohhhhh…. Yesss …..yesss….yessss, as the bed began to violently creak and groan. Adi and I climaxed together loudly.

“you must be now extra charged to tackle that some huge thing that has come up in your office…go and break a leg!!” She winked: p

As he went to fetch his phone to check the time…shitttt!!!

“Now what honey”

“I think I forgot to disconnect after taking the call”

“does it mean??”

“oh well! Like he doesn’t do it!!!” and they laughed

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  1. this is really good 🙂 hahhaahaaaa

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