GOD has a hand in everything…especially in the FAMILY

Family-Support-Services_0When one has a beautiful family like I do, in an understanding dad, a protective (sometimes over-protective) mom, an-anytime-pick-up-a-fight-sister, there is very little more I can ask from God. There have been times, we’ve had our arguments, fights…sometimes even hours we go without talking to each other in a day but then by the time the sun has risen to a new day, everything is forgotten over a couple of hugs and kisses.

We are far from the perfect family, but yes we are united, no matter what hits us, irrespective of the Familyimpact of the blow, soft or hard, together we will fight it and come up trumps, and there lies the true strength of our family. I am in no way the perfect son, or the perfect brother ~ I have my limitations but at times of adversity, it has been my parents and my sister who have always stood up for me. I sometimes wonder, what have I done special to deserve the family that I have. But as God said (Acts 17:26) “I determined the exact time of your birth and where you would live. If God then, is in charge, I have nothing to worry.

‘Having a place to go ~ HOME’

‘Having someone to love ~ FAMILY’

‘Having both – A BLESSING’

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