How are you? – Casual inquiry or genuine concern!?

What is really behind the question ‘How are you’? Are people genuinely interested about others well-being? Or is it just a casual conversation starter? I decided to try out one something different one day when I was asked the question…. I replied it differently; it went something like this:-

Hi Savio, how are you?

“I smiled, I am fine, but wait I have more. Why don’t we sit over for tea and I’ll tell you all about it!”

“Actually I have a dentist’s appointment in 10 minutes, need to rush…will catch up some other time? …was the almost instant reply”

“Yeah sure, why don’t you leave me your phone no so I could call you and fix a date when you are free?”

I’ve not seen that person ever since!

There are definitely better ways of starting up conversations.

… of course whenever I ask the question, I really want to know if everything is okay with you 🙂 There’s a difference! 🙂

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