“India’s Daughter” BBC Documentary

“it is the fact that what those people said is what we need to concentrate on…” referring to the documentary

It’s all over the news channels, everybody is talking about it.
My Question is; Why is the Indian Government against the BBC Documentary being released in India. Why the Ban!!?? What is the reason? It isn’t totally banned as of now, it is still very much available for viewing on the YouTube Channel. But the question is, when the parents of the victim were ready to divulge their daughters name (which was hidden till date), what’s in India trying to hide? Let the world know the truth.
Below is a 2.39 minute clip on what Kirron Kher had to say about the ban of the BBC Documentary

Even after all this time, it is very sad watching the documentary

The whole nation should watch it…..banning is simply like saying to ourselves that “all is well”

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  1. Totally agree with you Sav! Ban is not the solution…in a democracy, everyone has the right to know what exactly happened and jyoti’s father has himself asked people to watch it….then why ban? I think, there’s not a single argument to support the ban!

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