What? Why? How?

Why does my plane have to leave at this ungodly hour? Like there was no other air plane available at a better suited time. I am totally pissed off. I opened my little pocket notebook and scribbled ‘Steve I am gonna kill you’. Steven Roberts is the travel guy at Escrow Innovations. What kind of a shit name is that for a company? How on earth did I land up in that country in the first place is baffling!! I should have never gone, Michelle kept telling me, I should have listened to her. I already miss her. Damn this job! So many thoughts running through my mind, I keep quiet in the taxi, I don’t want to show the driver that I am irritated, why would he care anyway? I tell him to drive a little faster, he nodded his head. I get pissed off when people don’t reply me and this taxi driver nods his head. I keep calm, looking outside and try to enjoy the breeze that flows in through from the window. I tell myself, I have more than enough time to catch my flight. It is bad enough I have a flight to catch at 3.15 in the morning, I am sleepy and now this driver…does he even understand what is 40kmph on an empty highway? I left my house at 12.30; I have absolutely no idea why…

With the breeze blowing from the window, I soon fell asleep only to be woken up by the driver after some length of time.

“Sir airport” “Sir airport” he kept saying;

“Huh! Airport?” “Okay”…I looked at my watch; it was 1.45 – a good 1 and a half hour ahead of my departure. I paid him the money and let him go.

I enter the airport showing my ticket to the policeman at the door. I walk towards the CT machine that scanned my luggage. Walking forward, a female official stops me and says “Sir, can I have a look at your ticket”

I show her my ticket, looking at it she says “I’m sorry Sir but you are unable to board any flight from this airport with this ticket”

“Why? I have a flight to New York at 3.15 from this very airport”

“Sir, we do not have any flights departing from the Trivandrum International Airport” Checking the ticket again, she says “Sir your flight is departing from Cochin International Airport at 3.15am” dsc_0019

“Whatttt, this can’t be” I asked the lady, how long it would take me to the other airport, would I be able to reach early enough to catch my flight? “Not possible Sir, Cochin is a long way off from here”

I was going to miss my flight. What would my wife think back home, I couldn’t even go to the right airport. Maybe I shouldn’t go back… maybe I should stay here…book another ticket for later…? I don’t know what to do…

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