What is with 2015 and Deaths?

It was just 4 days ago, I attended a funeral…well not exactly but yes, paid my visit to the dead relative. Not exactly my relative, more of my mom’s relative. Now the wife is critical…and as the family puts it ‘could go any time’…well that’s another funeral probably in a week or 2. Today we get the news that another of mom’s aunts has slipped into a coma and isn’t doing great herself ‘another critical case’.

Wow! What’s happening? I’ve attended more funerals this year than weddings. Not that I attend all the wedding invites I get…but going by the wedding-cards count we have coming in…yes a lot. So that’s 2 funerals in line… had a baptism party 3 weeks earlier, that was really good.

…with the Lent season going on, no wedding invites at least for another 20-25 days. I am never a big fan of attending funerals; I mean who wants to see people cry, so my job is merely left to driving my car and taking my parents to attend the mass and the last rites of the person. It’s the least I can do.

If I clearly remember, I have attended only 3 funerals in 30 odd years, 1 being of a very close friend, her father expired, another of my ex-girlfriend’s grandmother, I think it was…and third my dad’s mother…yes! My grandmother, which I was forced to attend, being family. Not that I shed tears for any one of the funerals. I was there to share in the sorrow of the family, nothing much else. You will never see me cry. I have never cried in 32 years, why would I now?

On one such funeral I attended, I met a friend who also came to pay his respects to the person, on seeing me there he was surprised, he asked quite loudly “What are you doing here?”, I can understand his surprise…but seriously there can always be a better timing to ask… so I replied very softly “the same thing that you are here for”. It was definitely not a place to be  initiating conversation when you have people crying all around you… he continued “but you said you are not a funeral person” … I’m like…shhhhh!  deaths

Luckily for me the people I love are still with me and I pray to God to keep them with me for much longer.

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