Just looking…

Boxer shorts, thongs and brassieres, worn out from frequent washing among others which looked like they were just purchased from the store, hanging from a clothesline 3 storeys in the air. 98063-washing-line This was the view I had every morning from my balcony, you would have to hand it to the girl, she had a good choice when it came to colours and designs. You can tell a lot about a person’s life from the state of their inner wear.
She was an early riser, from her morning shower to the washing of her clothes early in the morning everyday, exactly at 7.15 while I am out of my balcony sipping my morning coffee, she is in the balcony on the opposite block drying her clothes…she looks an absolute stunner with wet hair, water dripping to her back of her neck and shoulders, wearing her cute little pink shorts and a tank top. It was the season of April-May, with the sun being at its peak this time of the year, clothes drying quickly was definitely a certainty. Good choice of drying clothes out on the clothesline, I said mentally. Good job!
By the time I finished my coffee, she went back into her apartment and in a couple of minutes she perched herself up on the window, with a mug in her hand, sipping onto something which tasted very good, going by her tongue wrapping itself around her lips after every sip. Somewhere in another flat, played some up-beat English music, for 7.30 in the morning surely-very upbeat! Living alone in a flat could be really boring, but then having your mornings starting the way mine did, I really did not mind. A pretty girl, a colourful morning and a hot cup of coffee!
If that’s not enough, while driving to work to be following 2 wheeler women drivers who not only make male drivers turn their head due to their driving skills but also for the clothes that they decide to wear…jeans/pants are fine! but at least make sure your blouse is covering the back of the jeans…I really could do with less distractions while driving, it then becomes a decision for the male brain to concentrate on the road or on the rider in front of you.
Underwear can say a lot about a woman. It’s something that men are obsessed with,(talking generally here…) for the guys reading this… don’t say NO, we all are!… to the point that, a mere glimpse of a thong waistband causes us to go into shock or in ‘freeze mode’ for a couple of seconds…okay! maybe a little more than a few seconds. On the surface we find them sexy and revealing.
We’re able to see who a woman actually is. Don’t ask us what we see and how we draw to certain conclusions…we just know…it is a guy thing! However, the way we think of it, is that underwear is a look into the soul of a woman. It’s a chance for them to express who they are and how they are feeling that day. Are they feeling sexy? Tired? Safe? etc etc

No going out of your way and looking! If you happen to see, enjoy the view.
Just an observation, ‘pink’ seems to be a girls favourite…don’t ask me why? I only notice…. :p

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