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Rock_Pigeon_(Columba_livia)_in_IașiI live on the 3rd floor of my building, the last floor with the terrace above…we always keep the kitchen window open in the afternoon after lunch, for one reason that it is really hot (If you live in India-you would understand – the 3rd floor and the terrace above you, doesn’t make it any easier at 35 degrees temperature).

Of late we have had guests in our kitchen for whenever we visit the room again, which would be in the evening – at tea time. I would see a pigeon sitting atop the table and when I enter the kitchen, on seeing me it would fly away…guess it was afraid of me, to tell you the truth ~ I was…talk of an unexpected guest. A week has passed since then, today again…as I went to make some tea in the evening, and I would see again…but this time 2 pigeons…again they flew away as I entered…gave me a start, yet again. What is with these pigeons…I’ve been living here 30+ years and pigeons have never entered into the kitchen…so how come now? It’s not that they are interested in the food…because everything in the kitchen was intact and nothing was touched…or maybe they aren’t Indian pigeons and they don’t like Indian food.

So I came to my laptop and googled; ‘meaning of pigeons entering your house’ and the following result popped up…

PIGEON – Choose the message that resonates with you (it can be one or more):

* You are about to get an unexpected good message (from an unexpected source)… well that’s a distinct possibility, we could do with that. Everybody like good messages.

* If you are struggling with goals – stay focused – you will get there, the omen is good. … Sounds good too…so I am staying focussed. I am getting there… so so cool!

* No matter where you are in the world, if you are far away from home, the pigeon brings you a message of love from friends and family…. Okay that did not make sense coz I am living with the family… so guess this point isn’t applicable!

* The pigeon brings blessings from ABOVE to those who had difficult childhoods and have found it emotionally difficult to make their way in the world. …hmmm! Blessings from ABOVE…wow! Welcome any time! that is super super cool.

* The pigeon brings luck to those who are trying to have a baby…. Okay…baby! Ahem! No one is having a baby at my place …so well the pigeon could not be bringing any message of that sort.

So what I conclude by our guests (pigeons) visit, first time one….second time two… is that well they like our home…so that’s cool…everyone is welcome. They are harmless birds…so no damage done… and besides they like our home so much that they bring a friend along… lets hope they don’t want to have a re-union or something… else that would be freaky!!

Did you know pigeons are called City Doves? and we all know doves are really cute 🙂 not that pigeons are not… doves are cuter 🙂 and besides doves represent ‘love’ …so all I can take out from the pigeons visit are the positives 🙂

If you wanna read more about the pigeon, here’s the link…go ahead. I learnt something today, you can too 🙂


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