Team INDIA… 3 more games from lifting the World Cup


Just 3 more games from lifting the World Cup… #TeamIndia. Can we do it again!?

Business end of the tournament now, one loss and you’re OUT! 6 out of 6…great stuff from Team India! It’s time now to start again. The Quarter, Semi’s and the Finals are here… 3 more games. How far can we go? We surely are good enough to reach the finals. Surely!!!

To begin with…all the talk that India did not stand a chance due to our poor bowling resources and to top it all the pitches in Australia and New Zealand…BUT what a transformation from our team. Must hand it to them, they have played some absolutely out of their skins cricket. Beating Pakistan of course made every Indian proud…but defeating South Africa was sweet nonetheless. Wouldn’t like to say much about playing the less known teams in the tournament like Ireland or Zimbabwe, though must say they challenged our team. West Indies of course posed a different kind of challenge, made our batsman hop a little on the WACA pitch at Perth.

As much as I was excited about the Cricket World Cup 2015, I missed the opening ceremony…damn! Nevertheless, I have watched each and every Indian match and cheered them on. GO INDIA!

The Quarters and the way the teams are stacked against each other…look interesting with;

Sri Lanka vs South Africa…though I love the special talent of ABD of S.A, I’d still say I’d want Sri Lanka to win this clash… Go Lions! …and besides South Africa are known to be chokers! Another World Cup choke won’t really hurt them!

New Zealand vs West Indies… I want to go with the black caps here, leading from the front ~ their captain… plays fearless cricket. West Indies on the other hand is more about Chris Gayle… he doesn’t do well… and that’s the match really… though they have ‘good’ other players. NZ will take this one easy!

Australia vs Pakistan… I would have to go with Australia, but with Pakistan, one really does not know which Pakistan team will turn up on the field … but I would love to see Pakistan pull this off. If they do… we could have an India/Pakistan semi or better still a final…now wouldn’t that be a mouth-watering encounter?

…and lastly India vs BangladeshINDIA SURELY! No 2 ways about it!

Wishing our Indian Cricket Team all the best ahead…just another 3 games more.


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  1. An intresting set of Quarter finals coming up ! I’m monst interested in how South Africa will perform in the finals 😛

    1. so you are sure ‘the chokers’ will make it. Its any team’s game now…it how they play on their day 🙂 Just hope India isn’t on the receiving end

      1. I wouldn’t say they are a sure thing, but the batting line up runs deep and they have arguably some of the very best players in the world with the likes of AB, Amla & Steyn. Will be interesting to see if those players step up to the occasion or shy away.

        Personally I will be support for the Aussies 😀

        1. The whole world expects Australia to win and South Africa to choke :p You just never know what the likes of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka can do to on their day. Bangladesh well…one more game for them and that’s their world cup 🙂 West Indies.. bye bye too. Don’t forget NZ…unsung heroes… 🙂

          1. Yeah I but a few bets on, at the moment I put dollars on India and NZ to win the overall world cup because if Australia goes down I think it will be to one of those teams, and I also chucked $2 on Sri Lanka to beat SA in the quarters aha 😛

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