the little blessings

Today, I drove 41 kms away from home to meet a friend. I had some work with him… and yes also to spend some time with a genuinely nice person after a very long time. We started of as colleagues, but today I can say we have long passed that bridge, we are more friends who were once colleagues. There are a very few people that can make you feel comfortable just by being in their presence, so peaceful and calm. One such person is Reggie. Yes, it was my work that took me there but the actual work only took 20 minutes, we spoke for easily over an hour. It was as if it was the best conversation I’ve had in a really long time… not that we spoke about anything special, just the normal… work related, old colleagues, the birds and the bees etc.
It was probably worth driving 41 kms one way to meet him, I think I could do with more days like the one I had earlier today evening.

Friends are blessings in our lives, they come in different forms…sometimes as colleagues, other times as neighbours or if God really loves you, he/she will come as a life partner 🙂

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