Saw this on a friend’s blog, looked interesting…I have decided to take up the 10 day challenge myself… so here goes;



A.P: …like you think you know everything! gimme a break! Ur irritating as hell!!

SK: …there’s a reason you are avoiding me, if only you told me why…I miss you loads

FD: …everyone makes mistakes, I ask for another chance

SF: …arrogance isn’t going to get you anywhere…

DC: …will we always ONLY remain friends?

VP: …you’re a pain! When will you ever learn?

DB: …what you did wasn’t right…you do not use people for your work!

AD: …you mean a lot to me…

JP: …thanks for always being there, my constant support system

JA: …I am truly sorry what happened…


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  1. Haha! Are these guys aware of your messages to them? If not, i can be your messenger! :p

    1. Oh yes~! I know you would love to do that simmi 😉 like I said not many knw I have a blog… just one of them read it and she didn’t even realise that those were her initials :p

      1. Aww!i guess u r referring to the one with ONLY friends? :p

        1. nopes! not yet…one of the other 9 🙂 but… when she does read it.. she’ll know… yup 😉

          1. Aww! That is so cute!! Teacher ka romance! I so wanna see when it happens! 😉

          2. lol… teacher’s are romantic too… :p

          3. Haha! Never tried on teachers so i had no idea! :p

          4. I did…on my computer teacher at college. Gawd! she was so cute 🙂 as simple asI was back then, I told her “Ma’am you have a beautiful smile” and well we sat together in the bus, coming to college 🙂 that was as far as it went… 😉

          5. Haha! Nice cute short love story!:p

    2. next time, they’ll be an SG surely :p

      1. Haha! Yo! Waiting! But hey, i don like hearing anything bad about me, so it better be good good! :p

        1. cross my heart, it will come straight from the heart… and my heart never lies… just like shakira’s hips don’t lie :p

          1. Haha! Surely! 🙂

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