Its HOT!

11.55 pm on the clock, night time in India. In Goa at the moment, the temperature is 27 degrees… maybe pleasant in the village side; it’s HOT AS HELL in town, as especially if you are living right in the centre of it. Phew!!  It’s only the start…and April hasn’t even begun yet! I don’t even want to talk about May.

I’m not getting sleep…not even a wink :p

How would I love sleeping on the beach…looking at the stars above… may sound all too romantic for some, but for me it is more to beat the heat than anything else. It could turn out romantic if I have the right company…then its like killing 2 birds with one stone…

Probably one day, I’d try it out…

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  1. Now I know where are you from! :p Stupid me! :p

    1. nobody calls my friends stupid :p

      1. Except the friend herself! :p

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