securedownload~ I listen to others, but I make my own decisions. I do not get easily influenced by people, tho’ I love to hear what they have to say…its interesting

~ It takes me exactly four and a half minutes to judge a person when I meet him/her face-to-face. If I look at my watch even once in that time, we’ve lost the connection. We’d probably never talk again 🙂

~ Friendship means a lot to me. Love still remains a mystery though!

~ Crying…!? I have never cried. Not because its macho or anything, or anything to do with being a man or whatever. I have seen men cry buckets…for me, well it doesn’t happen, at least  not till date.

~ Your number may be on my phone list, that does not make you my friend… you are just a contact. My friends are special and ‘you’ know who you are

~ I understand all people do not speak good English, but I do appreciate the effort they put in when they talk to me. Its not always about communication. However a friend once told me… he understood the ‘Language of Love’…I am still to figure out what that is :p

~ Love to me is once with the right girl – I am a 1 woman man, I haven’t found that woman yet… and looks like its going to take a pretty long time to do so

~ my long term memory is great .. short term stuff gets out pretty quickly. I remember what I want to, the rest just escapes

~ I’d do anything for the people I love <3

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  1. I would love to inculcate 1st and 2nd traits of yours! Somehow I find myself getting easily influenced by people, though I try to clear off the fog of their thoughts, it leaves its mark somewhere or the other. And i end up having a partial judgement!

    1. hmm 🙂 people do have a lot of interesting tales to tell…u only have to listen… some of the things they tell u… hilarious! 🙂

      1. Haha! I know but am not as patient as you! Probably thats one thing I really need to learn from you! I know one of the basic rule of effective communication is listening, but I cant concentrate long on a person! So ya, that one thing in my wishlist!

        1. ummm, being patient was seriously unheard of when I was younger… I was this young and angry man… now I have settled down to a kind of peaceful patient kind of person… 🙂 simmi, how u doing dear? how was ur day today?

          1. Am replyin after two days! :p My day was good Though this week is going hectic, I am liking it!;) How have u been savio?

          2. I missed u simmi :p lol 🙂 don’t stress too much.. 🙂

          3. Haha! I perform better under stress! 😉

          4. really 🙂 wow 🙂 come to Goa for a short holiday, you will re define stress after that 🙂

          5. Yo i will after 3 Years! :p

  2. And about the second, it would save so.much time for me if I so took just 4 and a half min to know a person! 🙂

    1. it has worked ever single time, when is ‘our first 4.5 minutes’ gonna happen? I’m so waiting for that 😉

      1. Wen it happens i thinks you will see ur watch n probably we will not talk again! ;p

        1. awwww… now don’t say that… I was looking so forward to our first 4.5 minutes… u just ruined it, I’m gonna forget u said that 🙂

          1. I am a boring person savio! And a bit reserved so probably I wouldnt have interesting tales to share up.with You! But possibility of changing in 3 Years is high! So ya! Lets see what happens! 🙂

          2. well you must know sumthin…life has surprised me in different ways n I’m sure we’ll meet up before that ‘3 years’ u keep talking about. Not planned but well… let’s c 🙂

          3. Haha! Lets see! Goa is not that far but studies n internship, i don think there is a room for a holiday! But u never know! 😉

          4. just realised both our names begin with ‘S’ …such asses we are :p

          5. Haha! Nice one ya savio! :p

          6. im gonna say ‘gudnite’ dear, my internet has been acting really funny…! I’ve already restarted the modem like 7 times… and it disconnects 🙁 If it keeps up, i’ll continue.. else have to log off 🙁

          7. No issues Savio! For a change, you can sleep early! And as u mentioned, your life has a lot of unexpected events, this one, might just add on to the list! :p

          8. now what would that be I wonder… ? wait.. hold on… the network just got steady

          9. Even am planning to take this 10 Days challenge! Not on my blog though! :p

          10. Haha! Sorry savio! You have a detective side and I like being a mystery! :p

          11. so bad 🙁 I’d love to know 🙂

          12. Ya i know! I am pretty bad at times! :p

          13. I like it when a person’s face becomes red like a tomato! :p Very cute! 🙂

          14. people are interested.. trust me! I know… 🙂

          15. na, never ya… if I want to know something, I’d ask.. not presume or find out thru other means

          16. Thats a good thing! I am sorry I misinterpreted your words! 🙂

          17. now that we are friends… no sorry, no thankyou 🙂 first rule of friendship 🙂

          18. Haha! Ya i heard of this dialogue a lot of times! :p

          19. Who? You or me? :p

          20. Nice! Being in India u ought to have some bollywood influence! :p

          21. u aren’t any less of an Indian simmi 🙂

          22. Yes! And I admit, I am totally filmy! :p

          23. and that make two of us…. *high five*

          24. heard of this line “opposites attract” ?

          25. who believes in anything nowadays 🙂 still I can bet u… I wouldn’t look at my watch :p I find you very mysterious 🙂 and I wanna know more about what this SG is all about 🙂

          26. Mysteries are good, aren’t they? Arouses curiousness! But some mysteries better be left under veil! :p

          27. I love solving mysteries… :p it brings out the detective side of me 🙂 🙂

          28. Haha! Lets see what Mr.detective discovers! 😉

          29. I wouldn’t really like to use the word ‘discover’ but ‘learn’ … sounds much cooler 🙂 🙂

          30. Yo Mr. Detective whatever u find Appropriate! :p

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