securedownload travel-text-filled-winding-road-image-running-pine-forest-48344953 …at the first given opportunity. I am always planning my   next trip women-text-sign-400x400 … and the mysteries that surround them. Always on my mind 🙂 nothing else is more interesting than them :p


… yes, more like immediate future…next week, next month, tomorrow etc. Am not a far-future thinker sentence_correction urge to correct people’s mistakes when talking. Can’t help it, that’s what teachers do…yes in classrooms, I KNOW 🙂 the world is my classroom ->> India Economy

Finances…now how many people can say that ‘money’ doesn’t cross their mind at least once an hour? It surely crosses my mind 🙂

snack-time_1 Snacks, food, juices, fruits etc…let me put that all in one category, I like to keep munching something. More for health reasons than just to pass time.

and finally…memories_by_emo_ninja_girl-d4pp3q0the good times, the fun times… spent with people we love…family, friends, colleagues, special ones 🙂

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