~ My Dad; my friend, my confidante, my support system…he is my all. Dad, if not for your guiding hand, I would be moving around in circles. You are instrumental in what I am today. You are the sweetest dad 🙂

~ My friend Crystal; the girl who got me out of the shell that I was living in… an introverted, shy, keep-to-myself-kind-of-person to a person today who loves to express himself, not in a very big way but I will have my say if required. A Mumbai girl who identified the qualities that I had that I myself did not know I possessed. Looking through life from her eyes and everything seemed to look different. The fact that I am an open minded person and very expressive…no matter the situation or the person sitting in front of me … a big thanks to this little Angel. Thanks sweetheart, you are the best friend a guy could have.

~ School & College buddy Gerard; the closest I have come to having a male friend. All my other closest friends are females. He taught me a lot, especially on how to be good around girls… 😉 I’ll be forever indebted to him for that 😉 Having studied in an all boys school and the only girls that I spoke to then, were my cousins and sister. He taught me the ‘tricks of the trade’. He was the best friend I had in school and college. Though we hardly keep in touch now, he will always be someone I will never forget.

~ College friend Ruth; the first friend I had for a girl outside my family. She was the sweetest…naughty and cutest. I had a huge crush on her when we studied in the same class. We turned out really good friends as years went on. We shared some wonderful times together in and out of the classroom. She will always remain special. I still keep in touch with her. After all these years, she still hasn’t changed. I miss the old times, wish I could re-live them…

~ My sugar n spice n everything nice friend Deepti; we’ve known each other for 16 years now running, We only met each other for longer than 5 minutes after 15 years, and that too… a couple of months back. We did meet two times before for 5 minutes each, that certainly wasn’t even close to having a proper conversation. We became friends through a yahoo chat room and we’ve been friends ever since. Telephones calls, letters, gifts, cards through post, we’ve done it all. We are still friends….and we will always remain friends. She would probably know what’s going on with me by just listening to my voice over the telephone, she can read me like a book…I am so lucky to have her as part of my life…

Dad as number 1 and my four other friends, all as number 2. All are very very special.

… that’s my pick for my top 5 people who mean a lot to me 🙂 ..not to be unfair to the so many other special people.. all of your names are written in a special file tucked safely in the corner of my heart.

See you tomorrow…for Day 7 of my 10 Day Challenge

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  1. Nice one I found the tribute to your dad very inspiring. And the others cute as ever 🙂

    BTW The correct URL to my leadershipthoughts blog is https://leadershipparexcellence.wordpress.com/

    1. thanks 🙂 will check out the link you provided 🙂 good day dilip 🙂

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