the awkward moments

Don’t think anyone can deny having these…

~ When you’re actually telling the truth but you’re laughing so hard and everyone thinks you’re lying.

~ When you’re that one friend who always gives relationship advice and  is still single. Okay! that is me…well I happen to read a lot and I know…thru friends experiences

~ When you chew someone else’s pen. ‘you can keep the pen’ is the immediate remark they’d make to you after they see your ‘chew session’ with their pen. Gross! 

~ When someone deletes their comment on facebook and you end up looking like you’re talking to yourself.

~ When you’re typing something without looking at the screen and when you look up there’s not even a word. that’s again me on whatsapp, end up deleting the full sentence and re-typing it…aaaarrrrggghhhh

~ When checking someone out and they make eye contact with you and the whole awkwardness that follows.

~ When you’re talking about someone and they are standing right behind you. truly embarrassing, happened twice. U just want the earth to open up and eat you  right then and there!

~ When you show a picture in your gallery and your mom swipes to see others… Yes she’s exploring a new device…fair enough…later she’d ask you…who is this? where is this picture taken…and suddenly you don’t feel like sharing information.


…anymore you can think of? Let us add to the list…

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