Turn-offs, that’s an easy one… narrowing it down to 4. Find them below:
signs-prohibiting-smoking-drinking-alcohol-red-silhouettes-36613942                        Smoking & Drinking… (excessive amounts). Big Big turn off.

Laziness. I can’t stand people who don’t like to do anything. Being lazy to me is a disease. Even if you aren’t working, do something that keeps your mind occupied. Write, sing, dance or walk… for all I care, but keep your mind active.i-hate-laziness

Lack of Resp84268ect. Well, you’ve got to know to respect yourself before you respect anyone else. I don’t like peopdisrespectle taking me for granted. Another thing I absolutely hate is when MEN do not respect WOMEN.

Mr/Miss or Mrs…. Know-It-All

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  1. He he. I just can’t stand people who smoke. And in my profession I feel so repulsive when I have to do treatment for some chronic smoker! It makes me suffocated. And yes I like being lazy specially when you are working for twelve hours and travelling for another 4 hours, I think being lazy on the other days is a privilege!

    1. being lazy after 12+4 hours is understandable 🙂 not otherwise :p

      1. I think even if I get a week off, I will just lazy around 😀 and let my husband do the pampering!

        1. 🙂 ok,I’m not saying anything more :p

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