My closest friends know how I love observing and watching people around me. I people-04would be able to pick up the slightest of movements, signals and gestures that people make. I am a total people’s person at the same time nothing ever escapes my eyes. It may not seem obvious that I’m watching, its just a background process…its happening Be it in a hotel or a railway station (do I love to see people at a railway station), or a bus stop or the shopping mall, I never really get bored unless it’s a book stall at Crosswords, then nothing else really matters, but for the books around me. I watch the way they walk, the way their expressions change when switching topics. Some people make really funny movements with their hands, it’s like they cannot talk without hand movements.

that guy is seriously observing
that guy is seriously observing someone or something…

Stations are the best, some are standing with their bags, other times sitting on top of their suitcases… and then there are some who shift between legs waiting impatiently for the train. Others who do nothing but talk on the phone or glare at others to a point to making them uncomfortable. So much fun, trust me…it does not even take an effort to observe people… you must try it out.

man being ass - pushed into the train
man being ass – pushed into the train 🙂

The latest trend being people coming to a restaurant to dine, after giving their order, they use their phone to while away their time till their order is ready and Phones-at-dinnerserved. If you’ve come with company, the least you could do is talk to that person. I’m sure there is a pretty good reason you brought company in the first place.

Similarly, when in a movie theatre, there are people who sit and watch a movie like their life depends on it, while there are others who are constantly in chit-chat mode with each other, and then another group of people who are there just to piss off others by speaking aloud on their annoying-people-at-the-movie-theatrephones about the world and sundry… not forgetting the love birds who come plonk in their seats, put their hands over each other’s shoulders or are constantly touching each other. How do I know all this? well, there are times when am at a movie hall early and do nothing but watch others…. or the movie is boring… for example a Salman Khan movie 😉 he’s always fighting in his movies…he could learn a few things from ShahRukh Khan, seriously. Recently went to this movie ‘Kill Dil’… didn’t know why I chose that movie in the first place, the name itself sounded awful. My friend and myself had to pass time waiting for our train which was later at night… there was absolutely no story to this movie, even if there was, I didn’t pay much attention. I was looking around just to see if I could get myself entertained by the people around me…and I wasn’t disappointed. A young couple, there were all over each other, the touching and the groping was obvious. They were trying to get into the right position all the time, no idea whether she was trying to conceive or what in the theatre itself!!…yes it was a corner they took up, don’t think they would be successful doing what they were doing in the middle of the hall…hahahaha, that was hilarious! Almost towards the end of the movie, the guy took out his phone and was vigorously typing something… a Facebook update maybe!! lol

Hospitals are another place. 18261900-People-Sitting-In-Hospital-Lobby-Stock-Photo-waiting-hospital-roomThere are people waiting, staring into space, some just standing around waiting for some update, and then others who walk up and down anxiously. I wonder what is going on through their minds- what news are they waiting for?… I did hope in my mind that everything was alright. I personally hate hospitals and never like to visit one, sometimes life just takes you there…maybe for a test or two or to visit a friend or worse still you could be admitted in one, then I guess there is nothing to observe but for the walls and at the nurse or the doc if she is young and pretty. So there you have it… Railway Stations would be my no.1, followed by Cinema Halls, Hotels, Malls and last hospitals.

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  1. Observing others is an innocuous activity. I surely would like to experience it myself and enjoy the fun. 🙂

    1. yes…do that 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂

  2. How about in airport? 🙂 When I had to wait for the next flight, usually I did not have any option but to look around me 🙂

    1. people don’t do much at an airport.. they are either eating or sleeping, enjoying the a/c conditions. Always felt real emotions can be seen at railway stations…not so much at airports. Do share any such moment if you have had any 🙂

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