Curtains down…

With India’s semi final lost against Australia, it brings down the curtains on India’s participation in the World Cup 2015. It was good while it lasted…7 wins out of 7 games until they met Australia. It was always gonna be difficult, how sweet would it have been had they won.

There are no no if’s and but’s in cricket…! Australia were the better team on the day. Congratulations to them (no, I will not put a smiley). Now that just 1 match is left in the mega cricket event, it will be no surprise who we Indians will be supporting.

Just read this facebook update a little earlier from a friend of mine 🙂 “The number of people supporting New Zealand for World Cup finals now is INSANE. All Kiwis and 1.25 billion Indians” ‪#‎BleedBlack‬

That is totally an Indian thing, we never support the team that has just defeated us, but the opposition…always…almost always, unless it is to our team’s benefit New-Zealand-Cricket-World-Cup-2015-Squadthat they have to win 🙂

So, that’s it… New Zealand, you have our support. Respect from India, you have played absolutely brilliant cricket upto now, do it one more time, take down the Aussies 🙂


I officially support New Zealand for WC2015 FINALE


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