Joel goes shopping

There were ono-MAN-LINGERIE-SHOPPING-facebookly a few days left to our wedding on the 5th, I wanted to buy the perfect gift for Anastasia for our first night…so I went shopping. I decided I’d buy her lingerie; it would be an ideal gift for the ideal time and would serve the purpose too.

cooltext139345415834018It’s one thing wanting to go shopping outside your comfort zone, doing something for the first time and another entering a lingerie shop…you look around the shop and it suddenly gets more confusing, everyone in the shop turned to look towards me as I entered, “was I not allowed to be in here or something”? I paid no attention to the people who were looking at me as I walked up confidently to the girl at the counter in one corner of the fairly large shop (I obviously knew what I needed to buy), I said; “I’d like to buy lingerie for my wife” she had quite a serious face for a sales girl I thought, not even a smile. “Sure Sir, what is her size?” “Size?” I asked. I looked up at her and almost instantly said… “She’s like you”. She was quiet for a few seconds, “I’d still need a size Sir”… I realised I shouldn’t have said what I did and apologized for the same “I’m new at this, I want to give my wife something special, we’re getting married in a few days” Just at that moment, to my left I saw a lingerie article pic 1mannequin dressed up with a red set of lingerie, I pointed to that and said “Something like that” she looked at his pointing finger direction “that’s a 2 piece lingerie” yes “that will be nice” and remained silent after that.

Gawd!! What was I doing here, this wasn’t as simple as I thought, walk in, choose something, walk out smiling.

Seeing me all confused and a little unsure of what to ask next, she suggested “if you can bring in like a picture of how she dresses, we can get a taste of her style…and yes, we would still need her sizes.

“Size…errr…yes…I’ll get that Thank you….for your help” I said and walked out of the shop as fast as I could, not sure whether I would return to that shop or not.

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