The travelling bug…

In the middle of nowhere, I’ll pick up dates from the calender and tell myself ‘I’m going on a holiday’. I am an impulsive traveler I just know when I need to get away. Hill Stations have been my targets… visited Ooty, Lonavala, KodaiKanal is my next trip in exactly 13 days from now. There is no better place to go than a hill station to get away from the sweltering heat. Anything above 31 degrees in the morning and 23 degrees at night for me is hot. I have an unusual body heating system. It invariably shuts down if heated up, the mind can’t think, the legs don’t take me far …basically its the same situation when ‘Internet Explorer is NOT RESPONDING’. I can’t believe I was born in India, it is like the hottest place ever and Indians being a hairy race of people, makes matters even worse. Damn! What I enjoy is cool weather, winters (we don’t have winters in Goa, what a shame!) I absolutely love the rainy season, besides getting wet…the temperature drops quite a bit and I feel relaxed. Snow is another option, the closest I have got of snow was at Snow World in Hyderabad, 1 hour of snow at a price of 400! Total rip off! Yeah, Artificial snow…I took off my jacket and my snow cap and enjoyed playing in the artificial snow…and I didn’t feel cold one bit. I believe the temperature was set to -5. It was even ridiculous seeing people have coffee inside snow world, I mean, gimme a break! Just because you have snow (artificial snow) around you… doesn’t mean you need to have coffee. I had a cold pepsi instead, weird I know…people were looking at me, as if I was doing something very wrong. I am so ready for Russia and Switzerland, bring it on! At -5 I could go to the north pole. umbrella-w-star-sun-small-831183-mEven as I sit next to my window, trying to enjoy the breeze blowing in…it isn’t really making me happy. A friend called and said that it had rained in Kerala last week, a couple of minutes back I read a blog written by a fellow blogger and she says how she is enjoying the rains in Indore. While we wait for our share of rains in Goa…let’s hope it comes by soon, it will surely bring back the smiles of a lot of heated up goans!

just for laughs

Its freakin’ hot out here….aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Its-Hot

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  1. We always want the opposite of what we have right?! I was in Goa around a week back and how much I’m in love with it! But yes, it is indeed very hot there, I wonder what the ‘summers’ will make of it! We’ve been receiving showers too here at Delhi since the past few days. The “coolest” place to visit in India will be Srinagar, followed by Uttarkashi according to me. Have a nice time at KodaiKanal 😀

  2. Goaaaaa! that is home away from home…funny how I dream of settling there – heat, sweat and non existent winters included! Then again the one thing that gets to me more than the heat there is the overly susegaad lifestyle! super happy meeting you here!

    1. way too susegaad… I mean nothing ever gets done here.

  3. I was in Goa 2 weeks back, And hell yeah, it gave me a very nice tan as a parting gift 😛

  4. Interesting that you did not experience snow yet !! go to the snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas

    1. theextraaamile says: Reply

      Trust me, that’s been on my list for the longest time. I surely WILL do it sometime.

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