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This happened in Goa 2 weeks ago. The picture is self-explanatory. I need not say much. My question is Why? What is the need? Show? Entertainment…seriously!!?  Could they even be having sex? (if that was the attempt). Sad! Pathethic. How can people stoop so low?

This couple on their bike was captured by a passer-by on Panaji’s Mandovi bridge. The pictures went viral within seconds’ courtesy whatsapp and facebook. The police even saw them on the road and did nothing. Why wait for it to become an issue and then act?

It did become an issue, the police acted…as usual (always late) and fined them a Rs. 1000/- . That’s it!? I would have thrown them in jail for at least a couple of days.

A news article read:

A loved-up couple who were photographed having sex on a motorbike were caught after the picture went viral

Police tracked down the pair after a shocked passer by spotted them travelling along a public highway in Goa, India.

Photographs of the couple showed the man driving the bike, while his female partner, wearing a skirt, lying sprawled in front of him on the motorcycle tank, straddling the rider with her hips and the man dressed only in a T-shirt and a pair of socks

“Not a single policeman on the way to stop them. A passer-by happened to click this picture.

But after the picture went viral, police swung into action to track down the owner of the bike, which turned out to be a rental firm that said it had rented it to a couple from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

When questioned by police, they admitted to riding indecently on the bike in the southern Indian state of Goa, a beach destination popular with tourists.

The couple were fined 1,000 Rs (£10) by the Goa police.

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  1. OMG! Seriously? That is the limit. 😮

    1. I know… its one thing coming to Goa to enjoy yourself, but taking it outdoors! Insane :p

      1. Insane is sn understatement. It’s gross 😀

        1. … I really don’t know what emoticon to put here… is there a ‘I-agree-with-you-its-gross emoticon available? lol

  2. I can’t believe what I just saw 🙁
    This is just awful and yes such level of Public Display of Affection cannot be ignored or charged a fine of just Rs.1000/-.

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