Whatsapp calling Feature!

Got a mis call from her. A second later a message follows;wifi_ac_title_icon-100041725-orig

Sorry 7.02PM

D Call 7.02PM

Was a mistake 7.02PM

Yeah sure why not! It sometimes hurts when you wish to talk to that very person and by mistake your contact number gets pressed on her phone, it connects and she cuts off…and she says it was a mistake. It probably was, You could still talk even if it was for 5 seconds, to say a ‘hi’ maybe. Calls are not even chargeable I suppose, just like the messenger. FREE of cost service? wifi_ac_title_icon-100041725-orig

People now will get that much busier…first messaging free, now calling free… what next? All we need is WiFi in the Air and our lives are pretty much settled.

Note: This blogpost is not WiFi enabled :p

6 thoughts on “Whatsapp calling Feature!

  1. Ahh..
    Wouldn’t this feature make people 24*7 on phone?? 🙁
    Like out of 10 people sitting on table with each other, 9.5 are on phone. (0.5 is for the person thinking whom to call first).
    Nice post Savio:)

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