‘Savio sir’ is my favorite

Extracts taken from the diary of a V Std student, shown to me by her naughty, equally adorable younger sister who studied in the same school in the 3rd standard

I taught the subject of ‘Communicative English’ to students from the 3rd grade up to the 10th. Yes, in Kerala you have a special subject in communication and if you ask me … they need it bad!

DSCN0085 A new day, a new sir; 4th period, C.E period, we have a new C.E sir, his name is Savio, and we call him Savio Sir in class. He is from Goa; he is tall and the youngest teacher in our school

A week is over and Savio Sir has come to my class 3 times this week. On Thursday he told us to introduce ourselves, when I came in front of the class, sir stood next to me, I am shorter than sir  I was a little nervous

Sir today taught us about something that he says is “the formula of being a perfect individual “he said that the correct language plus the right attitude equals a good personality. I thought I would learn formulas only in Maths, sir is teaching us formulas in English. Sir speaks very clearly, it is easy to understand. My classmates ask too many questions…. sir patiently explains again and again

Today Sir gave us a story to write…. not a story, but the start of a story, and we have to complete it, I told Sir that I will write 10 pages and come….. Sir said very good and smiled. Sir is nice to talk to; he is very friendly with us all

I missed school today, I had fever….today is also Savio’s sir’s C.E period; I have not completed my story as yet…. Only 4 pages, I told sir 10 pages. When I phoned my friend Gopika in the evening, she told me Sir asked in the class “Where is Maria”? Sir noticed I was absent

I went to school today, but there is no C.E period today, sir met me in the corridor and asked me why I did not come to school that day, I told sir I was not well and had fever….Sir  asked if I was feeling better now

Sir came late to our class 10 minutes late, I went to see if he was in the staff room….I met him on the staircase, he asked me “why are you not in the class?” …. I replied ‘I came to search for you because you did not come to class when the bell rang’….  I walked with Sir to the class

I am a little worried today, our exams are starting next Monday….and Sir said he is very strict with corrections; I don’t want to disappoint him. He thinks I am a very smart student-I know I am. C.E is my first paper


4 questions, sir has written the questions on the board….sir said if we write more, the better marks we will get….. I wrote and wrote … I took too extra supplement papers, sir smiled whenever I stood up and asked for an extra paper… sir was supervising our class during the exam

Next week:

I went to meet sir at the staff room; I asked sir if he had corrected my paper…. he asked me ‘roll no. 29’?? Yes I replied, sir knows my roll no, he smiled and said ‘ I will come to your class tomorrow and give your papers’ … I was happy and also a little nervous … did I pass? Did I do well…? Sir did not tell me anything…. Sir only smiled

Next day:

6th period, C.E period….. Sir gave our papers…. and sir did not smile, like he always did…. the first thing he said was “I am disappointed” … does it mean I did not do well? I was sitting on the first bench….. He distributed the papers … he called out roll no’s…. when he reached my roll no, he did not say roll no 29, he called out my name…. Sir knows my name. He looked at me, smiled and said “you can do better” 15/25 was what I got…. I checked my paper front – to – back, back – to – front…. and searched if I could ask sir for some extra marks, maybe sir made a mistake…. but I could not find anything…. sir is very strict in corrections… I am happy I passed 🙂

Sir met my sister today in the 3rd standard; my sister says sir made her the class monitor for his class…. I asked sir if he could make me the monitor of my class … he said ‘no’. Sir comes to talk to us during our lunch break 🙂 we all enjoy talking to him, he comes and stands next to where I sit

1 month is over, and Savio sir taught us so much….. He always says nice things to us…. he told my classmate Karishma that she has a beautiful smile, he told me I was a very smart girl but when sir gets angry he shouts at us…. today when he came to our class everyone was making noise…. He shouted at all of us…. sir is not nice when he shouts…. but sir cools down very fast … he shouted at one boy, but after the period was over, he called the same boy and put his arm around him and told him not to do it again.

Sir did not come to school today


Sir came to school, I asked sir ‘sir you did not come to school yesterday’… sir said he had fever. And I walked with sir from the ground to the staff room and went to my class…

Savio sir is my favorite 🙂

“She was my favorite student, in the VA class…. And yes she was a smart girl, a lot naughty but adorable all the same. She was only 10, but knew much more than her age ….”

This blog post dedicated to Maria (my student) who reminded me a lot about myself when I was a student.

that’s my ‘teacher’s walk’ 🙂

One of the many memories of when I was teaching down south.

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  1. Wow!
    That’s appreciable and emotional too:)
    Nice to read!

    1. high on emo quotient? lol… those days were fun 🙂

  2. That is so incredibly cute! I was always a favorite of my English teachers and I revered all of them. I can completely imagine her feelings.

  3. Awww, a lot of “sir”s in here 😉 . I had a smile on,y face through put the length of this post. Really beautiful.

    1. thank you Ameena 🙂

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