Jackfruit Time

While mom, dad and sis are in the kitchen cleaning the jack fruit as I write this post, the least I could do to help was to play some music from YouTube, I thought some entertainment would help, if nothing else it would at least improve the productivity :p CleaningRipeJackfruitDSCF3578

My sister is eating 2 out of every 5 cleaned, don’t think she’s doing it right, on the other hand mom and dad doing a fine job! Sometimes you just need to leave it to the experts. They are the expert in cleaning while myself ‘the eating expert 🙂 You are all invited for a small share 🙂

I love Jackfruit! Waiting to eat 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Jackfruit Time

  1. Ahhh jack fruit … takes me back to the days when my papa (grandpa) led us to the tree ….hacked a ripened fruit and then the tedious process of cleaning ..with our hands oiled …and we ate as we cleaned hahaha like your sister and then little that remained was turned into saath. …lovely memories revived …Thanks sav!

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