Walking your way to Good Health & Happiness

Something, I’ve been doing a lot of, lately. Guess it’s one of the perks living in the city, one really doesn’t really need your car or your bike to go shopping…just walk down town, pick up what you have to buy and walk back home. It keeps you active and moreover gives you much needed exercise. I know I certainly need it.

I used to walk a lot before we got a car, it’s been 15 years now and out of sheer laziness to walk…the car di7gMrki9would be the best option to drive down to the supermarket, dump the groceries on the back seat and drive back home. I saw my weight steadily rise from the mid 50’s to the mid 80’s. “Too much of driving….” I thought. Now of late when I do have a choice of taking the car or walking, I choose the latter, for the simple reason that… I no more have the patience to drive on the ever so crowding city roads, just takes too much of effort. Walking is so much easier to get work done, just that it takes longer and is a little more tiring, but who knows in the process, you might bump into an old classmate, a long lost friend or even a pretty girl…they are all over town, all we need is to slow down, make eye contact and smile. You never know how far a simple smile can take you :p

On a lighter note…

~ ‘Walk Away’ from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger.

~ ‘Walk Away’ from people who deliberately put you down.

~ ‘Walk Away’ from any thought that reduces your worth.

~ ‘Walk Away’ from failures and fears that stifle your dreams.

The more you ‘Walk Away’ from things that poison your soul, The happier your life will be!!

“Gift Yourself A ‘Walk’ Towards Happiness” 101

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  1. I believe in walking too. If the weather is good, I don’t mind walking at all!

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